Friday, November 23, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

...everywhere I go...

I love this time of year! Christmas decorations are starting to appear everywhere and make things look beautiful. They have put the Christmas tree and decorations up in a shopping centre where I live and that inspired me to get some christmassy yarn out.

That is Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Classic 10 and is called Shaded Christmas. I love the yarn and being so thin I've had to dig out my 1.5 mm hook which I don't tend to use very often. Now I've been working with it I remember why I don't use small hooks so often ... my hands ache now! I love thread though and I've been looking through snowflake patterns. I've made 2 so far:

They are hot off the hook so I haven't had a chance to block and starch them yet - that's going to be one of my weekend tasks :) I'll post some photos next week when they are finished.

My other yarn related task for this weekend in winding these skeins into balls:

What crafty plans have you got for the weekend?


  1. Hi! I love Christmas too and all the decorations. I think its the only time when the entire World is in holiday mood. Love your snowflakes! You have a herculean task of winding these skeins. So, good luck with that! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! You make some lovely things! x

  3. Hi Elizabeth! lovely to find your blog pack with pretty crochets.
    Your snowflakes are a temptation, don't mind if I copy them?
    I agree entirely, Christmas is the nicest time of the year.

  4. hello Elizabeth. thank you for visiting my blog and to become my member. I follow your blog now as well. you've just started ! well done !
    nice to see another crocheter who's day isn't complete without yarn and a hook ;)
    hope to see lots of your nice work in the future.
    ♥ José

  5. Lovely "x-mas yarn". I also like the stars a lot,
    bye Roos

  6. yes, let the Christmas mood prevail! :) I am also up to some decorations and gifts for Christmas, of course, crochet ones:)
    Thanks for sharing holiday mood,


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