Friday, November 30, 2012

The start of advent

Tomorrow is the first of December and for all of us who are just big kids at heart that means it is the start of advent calendars! This year I am lucky enough to have received two lovely advent calendars from friends in Germany.

One is a chocolate one. I’ve had a chocolate calendar virtually every year since I was little and they never get old for me! The other one is an advent card which is new for me.

I’ve never seen an advent card before and much less had the chance to open one. I can’t wait to open the first windows tomorrow!

Tonight I did a bit of craft shopping too and got a selection pack of different coloured felt:

Recently I am using quite a bit of felt to make backs for the brooches I make. This week I made another flower brooch:

I followed a free pattern for an Irish rose that I found on crochet geek. You can find it here. It is a really simple pattern to follow and I really like the finished flower. What do you think? :)

And the final photo for today is of the shawl I am making for my mum’s birthday in January.

I’m going to try and spend quite a bit of time working on that this weekend. I'm making it with sock yarn so it's not a fast project but I am enjoying working on it and seeing the different colours in the yarn :)

What are your crafty plans for this weekend?


  1. My daughter ask me for a calendar with chocolate...she's 17 !
    Great shawl and star !
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. hola elisabeth, encantada de conocerte, agradezco tu visita y te la devuelvo encantada!! ; yo tambien te sigo, asi podremos compartir patrones e ideas; un besito.maria :)

  3. I am a big kid for sure! Still fond of Christmas gifts and chocolate! And you know? Many years ago I got a box of chocolate.. with small window like slots... but had no idea that it was an advent calendar! And I realized it just now! We don't have such calendar in Russian tradition, but...oh, my memories came back)Thanks!
    i like the Irish rose you made, looks gorgeous in this color.
    lovely shawl, wish you to accomplish it soon :)

  4. hola Elizy
    Gracias por seguir mi blog,el tuyo tambien esta bueno, tambien te seguire jajaja!!!, por cierto soy Liliana de Tira con tirita y ojal con boton. un saludo.

  5. Beautiful blog!!!

    Nice Work...

    Happy Weekend :)

  6. Hola Elisabeth, encantada de conocerte....gracias por la gusta tu taza de nomo y tus estrellas de crochet....estamos en contacto...Saludos


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