Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yarn card

Look at this cute, handmade card:

It's such a great idea to use yarn to make the card 3D and the play on words is great :-)

I love handmade cards so much. When you send them you know the receiver isn't going to have seen it before and when they get sent to you they are always such a nice surprise.

This reminds me that I really need to get started making my Christmas cards for this year .....


  1. So lovely and i hope to make one for my younger sister's birthday gift.

    hope you will like 2013 wedding dress.

  2. Nice idea ! Thank you for visiting and joining my blog! Hope to see lot of projects from you in future:) All the best for blogging :)

  3. Precioso tu blog me gusta solo llegar me ha encantado la textura de la lana es maravillosa, la tarjeta es genial me ha encantado y si, yo también tengo que empezar hacer las tarjetas de Navidad ya que me gusta hacerlas yo misma es tan bonito que sean únicas, te sigo, besitos.


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