Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blocked Snowflakes

There are only 19 days to go until Christmas! I can't wait to decorate our house and I've blocked and stiffened some snowflakes ready to put on the tree:

Those last two are the same ones I posted photos of a few days ago. Blocking them really has made a world of difference. Especially to the last one. I didn't like it very much but once I blocked it, it became my favourite :)

To stiffen the snowflakes I used a 50% white glue 50% water mix and sprinkled a bit of glitter on them for added festiveness!

I have finished the shawl I started for my mum too. I'm going to block that this afternoon and as soon as it's dry I'll take some photos.

Other than that here is another little brooch I made:

How's your week going so far? :)


  1. una decoracion a crochet muy chula!! un besito.maria :)

  2. Elisabeth, so nice to meet you! Thank you for your visit to my blog today! I am so jealous you are in Madrid! :) Love, love your blog!

  3. Hello

    Beautiful, I love this snowflakes.


  4. snowflake are gorgeous! they will look so nice on the Christmas tree. I also plan to make few :)
    brooch is nice as well, sure, your Mum will love you present!
    Take care,

  5. I love your brooch, I have always wanted to try and make something like that :)

  6. What a great purple broach! You have to love purple : )


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