Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today I've got a couple of cat (real and yarn ones!) photos for you. I love cats and where I live there are quite a few strays who live outside. They are pretty wild and don't tolerate people too well. Luckily there are a few wonderful people who take them food and water every day and get them neutered so that the population doesn't get out of control.

I started to walk by from time to time to see them and there was this little black and white cat that really took my eye and I started to give him treats. In the beginning he would run away and only eat the food I left after I was far away, then after a while he'd start getting a bit closer. After a few months he's become really friendly and runs to me now when I call him! He's such a sweetie! Here he was last weekend investigating what I'd brought for him:

And last month I started a crochet cat following a pattern in a knitting book I've got. Crochet cat and knitting pattern? Yes! I'm a big fan of Tunisian crochet and the Tunisian knit stitch can pass for a real stockinette stitch. Anyway, the pattern I followed the pattern specifications and substitute the knitting for Tunisian crochet and here is the kitty:

I finished him this morning. I prefer the real one, but the crochet one is cute too :)

Here is the knitted one from the pattern book:

And in this next photo you can see a close up of the Tunisian knit stitch and see how similar it really is to knitting:

Knitted pieces are so great and there are so many beautiful patterns out there but I find working with two needles so fiddly and if I can avoid it and use just one hook, I will!

Other than that, today is 12/12/12 and at 12.12 this morning I took a photo of my clock:

There was an article in the paper this morning talking about 'date coincidences' and how this is the last one until the 1st of January 2101! Wow!


  1. Helemaal leuk gedaan, ziet er leuk uit, en grappig dat je de tijd in de gaten houdt, gelukkig dat de temperatuur geen 12 graden is
    Groetjes Tineke

  2. Elisabeth el gatito es muy bonito¡¡¡ y además me has ganado con lo de que un día sin tejer no es un día completo, porque a mi me pasa igual, por eso me quedo en tu blog. Te dejo mi blog, por si quieres pasarte. un abrazo

  3. Ohhhh, the crocheted kitty is fabulous! And your black and white friend is adorable...Happy 12/13/12 - sorry I missed you yesterday! Great thinking on the clock picture...hope the rest of your week is fabulously creative! Tanya

  4. Hi Elisabeth! Thank you so much for the kind words in my blog! I love this cat! I don't know how to make tunisian crochet, but it's on my "to do" list!
    I love your blog (:
    kisses! ***
    oh and have a wonderful weekend;)

  5. I love cats also!! Its great what you doing for them! Thanks!)
    And love your crocheting creations!)


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