Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little hat and a stash buster challenge

At the weekend I made a baby hat from one of the old patterns I wrote about last week.

I've left off the pom pom. I need to try and find a good way to make pom poms. Does anyone have any tried and tested ways? When I make them they never look anything like they are supposed to :)

The hat pattern was such a simple, yet pretty one to follow. I think it would look lovely made as a throw or blanket:

As I mentioned yesterday I've been trying to organise my stash. I have quite a few odd bits of yarn left over from some projects which I need to try and use up some how. I also have quite a few left over skeins in the same colour.
I started to make a few granny squares with some DK cotton before Christmas and after seeing the stash buster challenge on Linda's blog I've decided to sign up and try and work through my stash.
My first challenge is going to be to use up this yarn:

Now, this is going to be a double stash buster because the pink cotton was originally my mum's. She didn't want it and de-stashed it on to me. Now I'm destashing it from my stash. Do I get double points for that? :)

This is what the project is looking like so far:


  1. mooi gemaakt die mutsen!
    succes met je grannys

  2. Hermosos tus trabajos Isabel ! Gracias por tu visita
    me dio la oportunidad de conocerte.Seguimos en contacto

  3. Your project for stash buster challenge is looking very beautiful ! The colors are bright and cheerful!!

  4. What a cute hat, well done!! And the cotton's pink is such a wonderful color, wow. It also matches very well with the nice yellow. Looks beautiful so far, I'm curious what you're going to make!!

  5. Nice colors ! Look forward to see the end result.

  6. I love the colors, is wonderful your work. Kisses.

  7. I love the colours of your granny project and the baby hat is lovely.

  8. Such a cool hat! Love the colours of your granny squares - welcome to the stash busting!
    Ali x

  9. I love the color combination of the pink and yellow, I would have never have thought of it but it works really well.
    Love your shawls from your past post, tiny little crochet flowers, gorgeous.

  10. Cute hat !
    And nice squares !
    Have a cozy weekend.

  11. Ive tried to make pom pons also, but never turned it well!)
    Love the pink and yellow combo!)

  12. Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! love the yarn you are using for your squares, so gorgeous!

    Bee happy x

  13. I think that does deserve double stash points. Lovely,just loevly.

  14. Your blanket squares are fabulous. Very striking colours. If you look up pom-poms on Pinterest there are lots of tutorials about how to make them.

  15. LOVE that pink wool - definitely double points are in order!

  16. Thank you so much for popping over and saying hello - what a treat to find out you have a crochet blog! I love the way your blanket squares are made up of different patterns. As far as pom poms go, depending on the size you need, have you tried just wrapping your yarn around two vertical sticks/ pencils/ knitting needles etc.? Just tie them in the middle when you think you have wrapped enough to make a fat enough pom pom and trim the edges off the sticks (or you could buy a kit!)Looking forward to meeting friend of Squinty x


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