Friday, January 11, 2013

A surprise in the post

This morning my doorbell rang and it was my post lady with a parcel for me. It was a surprise because I wasn't expecting anything.
I've been feeling really homesick recently for some reason and ever since Christmas it's been worse than ever. Last night I was feeling pretty sad and then I fell the front of loads of people! My husband was there to pick me up luckily :) I didn't do much damage but I've made a real mess of my knee - it's cut, bruised and swollen. So this morning when this parcel arrived, the timing couldn't have been better. It really has been a pick me up.
My mum sent it to me for no special reason and it is full of lovely things. A perfect parcel really... yarn, a kitty card, a fabric flower and chocolate.
The yarn is Ella Rae lace merino which is my favourite yarn.
The chocolate was delicious. It is from Chouchoute Chocolaterie. I'd never heard of that shop before but their chocolate is delicious. They sell online too so if you're interested their website is
There was also a clipping from a magazine about crochet cushions. The magazine chose the one on the right as their favourite. I like the one in the centre best. How about you?

Also included in the package was the top of the knitpro hook I wrote about yesterday that my mum broke!

The Ella Rae lace merino yarn above is my third hank of this yarn and just yesterday I took a shawl off the blocking board that I made over Christmas with this particular yarn.

The shawl is called the Elise Shawl and is such a pretty, yet simple pattern. It is the third time I've made this particular shawl.

It's a lacy pattern and blocking works wonders with it. Before I blocked it the measurements were 100 cm wide and 49 cm long. After blocking it measures 141cm by 74cm.

The yarn is 100% merino and comes in 100g hanks. There are lots of yarns I love but this one in particular is my favourite out of all the ones I've tried. It is so soft and smooth to work with and when it is blocked it holds its shape perfectly. It's also a really warm yarn. If you get the chance, give it a try. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Have a happy, craft filled weekend!


  1. Gosh I adore that shawl! Is that for you to wear? My son in law has an apartment in Cabo Roig and I keep threatening to go over for a week or two in the winter months, when I guess a shawl might be just the thing to use!!
    Hope the home sickness sure most of us would swap places with you although I know many folks living in spain have moved back to the uk as the ecconomy has plummeted.
    :) Lyn

  2. hi, Elisabeth!you have a connection with your Mum over distance:) see, how it works!so nice parcel, very well done by your lovely Mum!
    love your shawl! such neat job.
    have a crafty weekend too!

  3. Wat lief van je moeder, daar kun je weer even mee vooruit, veel plezier ermee!

  4. Hello, I love your blog too!! so thank you for popping over to mine...I have seen those pretty hooks and often wondered what they were like to use? they are so pretty too, will look out for one soon...
    So sorry you are homesick thats horrid! and falling over too, i do it all the time...then i laugh later...have to don't you??
    so pleased you found me and i have found you...
    Daisy x

  5. What lovely things to receive in the post!

    Your shawl is looking stunning!

  6. Your shawl is gorgeous, so delicate. I am making a shawl/scarf at the moment with sock yarn and I am dreading blocking it as I find it a bit tricky and very time consuming. Any tips? Your Mum has perfect timing with her surprise gift and what delicious looking chocolate. Hope your knee is on the mend and have a lovely weekend. Thanks for coming by my blog. xx

    1. Thanks, that pretty much sounds like what I do - I wash the garment on a machine wool wash and then stretch and pin it out on the foam jigsaw puzzle. It's just a bit fiddly though, I was hoping for a shortcut!!! x

  7. What a special gift! This shawl is beautiful especially from this yarn.
    Wish you happy crocheting with the new skein :)

  8. Love the colours in the yarn. Great blog!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Hi Elizabeth thank you for visiting my blog your's is lovely! So sorry you hurt your knee, I hope it's healing well, what a lovely surprise for you such lovely gifts. Your shawl is amazing I love it :)

  10. Your surprise came at the right moment !
    The color of the yarn is beautiful and the chocolate seems delicious ! I love chocolate ! The swiss one...and my mom never forget to send me some for Christmas...
    Have a great Sunday !

  11. Hi Elisabeth - Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm glad the cushion made you smile! Your shawl is so pretty and I look forward to seeing more of your crochet. I taught myself to crochet last year and am working (slowly) through a shawl which I'll show eventually. Best wishes, Allison

  12. Oh I love your shawl and the skein of yarn is such a pretty colour. I am a new crocheter having recent,y completed a pram blanket for my new grand daughter out of granny squares. I'm currently looking for a book to help with ideas. Thank you for you comments on my last post. Glad I've found you as I've enjoyed reading your blog and am now a follower.

  13. Love all the three cushion patterns, my favourite are the first and the first!

  14. Hello there,
    Thanks for joining my blog! It's always so neat to meet another fiber lover :-) So sorry to hear about your fall. What a nice Mom you have to send you such a great care package! She has very nice taste in yarn.
    I hope that your week goes better,

  15. What a thoughtful gift, beautiful yarn and a fabulous bit of crochet. Cx

  16. That's a lovely shawl, and the color is positively delightful!


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