Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some new things

Apart from spinning, I got to try something else new recently. I have always awed over the Brittany birch crochet hooks thinking how pretty they are and for Christmas I got given one of my very own to try out.

I normally use knit pro hooks which I love. I find the knit pro wooden hooks to be smooth, warm and really fast to work with but I know some people who can't get along with them very well. My mum for example bought a few of the knit pro hooks and over Christmas she managed to snap one and said she disliked them so I could have them! I'll never turn down free hooks or yarn so I came back home with extra knit pro hooks and my new Brittany hook.

Now, I'm not going to stop using my normal hooks but this new Brittany hook is probably the nicest hook I've ever used. It is so comfortable to hold and I love how light it is colour wise. It's just so pretty too:

It's definitely my new favourite hook!

Other than that, I brought home with me some new crafty books:

The first one is about embroidery. I've never really tried embroidery but I'd love to give it a go and this book is full of inspirational ideas. The next book is a pattern books for beaded crochet and the last one is a felting book. All of the patterns in the felting book are knitted but it is full of great tutorials for felting in general so I liked it but the back cover was a bit bent:

So I asked of they had another copy of the book. They didn't but they said because it was damaged they'd only change me half price!

I bought the three books in a shop called The Works in England where they sell all kinds of books about all different topics very cheaply. Whenever I go back 'home' I always go to that shop and see what bargains are on offer. The felting book has a retail price of 18.95 but was for sale at just 2.99 and in the end because of the corner I paid just 1.50!

Other than those books to keep me busy I've borrowed some of my mum's old baby crochet patterns. Some of these patterns are quite old because the price written on them is in 'd' which is the old term for pence. That was changed in 1971 so some of the patterns pre date that!

Now, to start making all of these patterns I need some....

....yarn! This was a christmas present and is the pink creative pack from Colinette. It is a mixture of quite a few of the yarns they make and in total the pack weighs 500g. I can't wait to get started using these yarns. I love the colours. But first I need to start winding those skeins into balls...any volunteers to help me? :)


  1. Ik zou je met liefde helpen, maar het is zo ver weg!!!
    Succes ermee, om een stoel leuning spannen wil ook weleens helpen, dan moet jij met oprollen erom heen lopen

  2. I love The Works, that is where I get most of my books from. Such a bargain buying from there!

    That hook looks like a piece of art he he, not sure if I could crochet with it...I just bought a clover hook, but think the tulip hook would suit me better.

    I envy your yarn, it looks beautiful!

  3. Looks like you've got a great jump on a creative 2013! I LOVE the Brittany knitting needles...would imagine the crochet hooks are just as fabulous - it sure is pretty! XOXO

  4. That's a very good bargain! :) nice and colourful yarns:)

  5. i can understand the excitement of purchasing good books and good reads at good prices. happy for you:)
    you know the first look at your new crochet hook and it reminded me a wand, birch wand! wow:) id' love to have such too:)
    have a great day!

  6. Now you need patience and do a lot of beautiful things...
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. I see what you mean about the books! Nice buys indeed. I too have become more interested in hand embroidery of late but tend to sue felted woolies rather than felt.
    Love the crochet hook its almost as attractive as the beaded lace bobbins you see in use. Ive often thought the tools of the lace maker are so attractive in themselves so its great to see that knitting needles and crochet hooks are moving into little artworks in their own right! Shame you cant find an ex pat with a lathe over there and fashion some uniquely different hooks!

  8. LOVE all your new wool sorry yarn hahaha colours are beautiful!! Thanx for joining my blog. Heloise @diasies and dragonflies


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