Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy new year everyone!

It's already the 9th of January so I'm a little late, but better late than never :-) I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones, that your new year was was happy and that 2013 brings us all health, happiness and lots of love. And of course some wonderful yarn filled moments!

For my first post this year I want to share the outcome of my first attempt at spinning. My aunt bought a wheel at the end of the year and when we went back to visit my family for Christmas she let me try my hand at spinning.

I can't believe it but I totally forgot to take any photos while we were there but my aunt gave me a copy of the catalogue and there is photo of her wheel in there:

When I saw it I was really surprised to see that wasn't a traditional circular spinning wheel with a big wheel off to one the one in Sleeping Beauty :-)

It also had two pedals (or double treadle) which were really comfortable to work with. It was pretty tricky trying to watch what you're doing while feeding the yarn into the wheel, move your feet at an even speed, and get your hands to move the yarn smoothly but after about 5 minutes I was really enjoying myself! It really is great fun and I'd love to try it more seriously in the future. I'd like to go on a course or have some lessons and perhaps one day I'll look into getting a wheel.

Anyway, the important part...the yarn...
There are some really thin parts and some really chunky parts but in general it is much better than I was expecting for my first try! My aunt said that the different thicknesses and mistakes in the yarn just give it more character. My yarn is definitely full of character! :-)

I only made a few grams but there is enough to make a couple of flowers to adorn something. Here is my first one:   

It is all lopsided and isn't all that pretty but I love it because I actually made the yarn myself!
I love all handmade things because no two items are ever identical and that uniqueness is what makes everything we make by hand beautiful. To make something unique from some yarn I'd created was lovely and I can really see why spinning can be quite addictive.
I have so many things to write about and photos that I've taken over these last couple of weeks to show you so I'm going to write quite a few posts over the next week or so...check back soon :-)


  1. Wat leuk zelf spinnen, geweldig, inderdaad zijn zelfgemaakte spullen allemaal verschillend dat is het unieke
    Ook voor jouw een mooi 2013

  2. I LOVE that yarn - looks like you did a fabulous job! Happy 2013 - Tanya

  3. How interesting! Never knew people spin the yarn themselves nowadays:)that's a great revival of an old tradition, besides being another nice hobby:)like your first flower from you own yarn, all the best!

    1. oh, then i simply did't know. however in rural areas of India they also spin and weave:)

  4. Nice flower and welcome back !

  5. I adore the texture of the thin and thick yarns like yours and thats a great colour! what a natty looking spinning wheel!
    Thats would be great for the calves too.........what an ideal hobby......exercise and crafting therapy!!

  6. How fabulous to be able to spin your own yarn Elisabeth - something I'd love to do...but have my fingers in too many crafty pies at the mo!
    Drop spindles are popular too I gather.
    Great too that you have been able to transform your yarn into a flower - love the textures.


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