Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A touch of crochet

Yesterday I posted a picture of one of my wips and today I can show you the finished item!

I used a pattern from the lovely blog color n cream. The pattern is for a pot holder but I slightly changed it. I only made one side instead of two. I added in a round of shells and then on the final round I used only 6 stitches instead of 10 to make the petals turn upwards.
I wanted to make a doily for my new lamp. The base of the lamp is not very smooth and I didn't want to risk it scratching my desk so I put a cloth under it.
Not very pretty:
So I decided a little touch of crochet was called for:
Much better! :)
The only thing I dislike about working with several different colours or types of yarn are all of the fiddly ends that need to be sewed in at the end...


  1. Hello

    So beautiful! I love de colours.


  2. Elisabeth, it is so beautiful I think you should hang it on the wall, it is a piece of art.
    Hugs to you,

  3. PERFECT!!! And it matches the owl SO great!!!!

  4. leuk ,lekker kleurrijk, weet je die draadjes kun je gelijk meehaken als je aanhecht
    Moet je proberen!!!

  5. Very cute and colorful project! I am sure it is a "happier" desk now ;-)

  6. OOh Elisabeth what a beautiful doily - such fabulous colours - know it was made for a purpose but hope you get to see it in its full glory every now and then!
    Ali x
    Cool owl too!

  7. It is so lovely and cheerful ! Love the color combination !
    x Eva

  8. Veeeeery pretty! The colours are lovely together too. Heather x

  9. it is pretty, such a warm colour combination.

    I agree with the fiddly ends when you use so many colours, not fun!

  10. Wowwhh. I love the colours, is very cute. Kisses.

  11. I really love the colours of this. It would definitely brighten up anybodies desk. Great idea too.

  12. What a gorgeous burst of colour x

  13. This is lovely, and it works well with your lamp...perfectly! Nicely done!! I love the colors...

  14. HI, Elizy! You've made a lovely doily, the colors are vibrant, good combination. The lamp looks beautiful now, it will be pleasant for you each time you look at your table. Yea..I know those ends, as I'm working on a blanket now, but somehow I said myself that after I weave them, I will get a beautiful blanket! Motivation ;)

  15. You have made it very nicely Elisabeth ! and the color combo you have taken is lovely:)
    But don't mind, not sure, why no one has mentioned this. The entire design is getting hidden underneath the base of your lamp. Your art and hardwork is not getting showed off. I think you should prepare a slightly bigger doily with design on outer edges for your lamp. This one should be for showcasing.
    Weaving ends? Don't mention about it, I will soon develop a phobia for it ; lol:)

  16. Lovely colors! I agree with Preeti. Your beautiful doily needs more exposure. It should be placed where it can be seen.
    Everything has a drawback n so does crochet and thats weaving in the left over yarn. But we will have to live with that! :)
    Take care!

  17. BEAUTIFUL ! And so colorful !
    Have a nice day !

  18. It's so lovely - fab bright, pretty colours!

  19. oooh, that is so lovely, such joyous colours!!!

  20. wow! Love new cute creation!!! very happy colors!!!

  21. Love the beautiful colours you used, and what a great idea to brighten up the lamp!! Karen x

  22. So pretty and gorgeous colours! love the owl too
    love jooles xxx

  23. Thanks for following my blog - i LOVE all of the delicious colours you use in your crochet!!! So beautiful ! x

  24. The colours are gorgeous, and I must find that pattern it is so cute!
    Dropping by from Petals to picots friday Linky Party.


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