Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crochet and cross stitch

Hello everyone!
I saw a quote online last week that said that the best part of Valentine's days was half price chocolates on the 15th. Well, I went to the supermarket hoping for some chocolate bargains :) but I found something even healthier! Strawberries and raspberries in cute heart shaped packets:
And they only cost 50 cents a piece (around 43 pence)! We bought 5 packs in total. Better to have a splurge on fruit than on chocolate though, isn't it? :)
I've been busy trying to use up bits and pieces of my stash too and have made a twirly flower:

I don't know what it's going to be used for but while I decide, it's just sitting looking pretty on my desk :)
This weekend I've been working on my silk shawl too and it's really starting to grow now.
It currently measures 47 cm wide and 30 cm long.
The stitches are looking really pretty so far and I think this is going to be one of those projects that really becomes beautiful after blocking.
Another wip I've started is this cross stitch:
The kit is called Kitty Litter and it's made by Dimensions Crafts. It's a quite a big kit measuring 18 x 9 inches / 46 by 23 cm. I've not done any cross stitch since I was a teenager but after seeing so many beautiful things made with cross stitch on other craft blogs I've felt really inspired to give it a go again.
I ordered the kit online last week and it arrived yesterday and as soon as I had the chance I started!

 It's very slow going but I think that is because I'm out of practice. One good thing, I don't know if it is just this kit manufacturer or more recent cross stitch kits in general, is that the threads came already placed in order on a thread organiser. That really saved me a lot of time - I used to hate the part of cross stitch that involved sorting out all the different colour threads!


  1. Hi, Elizy!
    Wow, I must admit that was a deal!:) Definitely, strawberries be healthier than chocolate:)
    You picked up quite big cross stitch picture,it needs loads of patience to accomplish even a small piece, and I applaud yours :) All the best!
    That swirly flower is very tender..I see it freely falling on some cushion cover, or as a decoration for curtain..:)

  2. I love your silk shawl, such a pretty pattern and a lovely colour too!
    Can't wait to see what you decide to use your twirly flower for!
    Angie x

  3. And good eyes to finish, also - the cross stitch will be adorable. You've been a busy girl - can't believe how much you've gotten done on the shawl, AND you took on another project! Love the little flower...and the green tendril...and finally, you are a better person that I to skip the chocolates and head for the fruit - BRAVO, healthy girl! Hope your week ROCKS! Tanya

  4. What a fruity bargain - I love strawberries and raspberries too! And I love the pretty flower, you could use it as a bookmark.
    Are you using the South Bay Shawlette by any chance? Because your shawl looks very much like the one I've just started with my mohair yarn... great minds think alike :)

  5. Your shawl is looking good!! Its going to be so pretty. I have a couple of cross stitch kits but am too scared to start another project just yet as I have so many on the go!!! Karen x

  6. WOw that is a very detailed cross stitch kit. Well done for starting it. I would be too cowardly and run a mile. :)

  7. Wow, I don't think I've ever chosen fruit over chocolate.
    I thought of a bookmark too when I saw your crochet flower ...
    The shawl is looking good ! Lovely for summer nights!
    Good luck with your xstitch, the last big project I started was 5 years ago and still remains unfinished, so I now just choose small projects.
    Have a nice week !

  8. Hello there. I have just realised you live in Spain. I will have to have a wander through your blog to find whereabouts you are. We spend about half the year in Spain.Thank you so much for popping in to Chalkys and I can see that the colours would be in your favourite palette.
    Kindest regards linda

  9. I have been eating the yummiest raspberries everyday. I am in love with them. Love all your beautiful projects.

  10. Those fruit packs look good and a bargain too.

  11. I pressed the wrong button before saying that your shawl is looking very pretty. Have a good week.
    Patricia x

  12. Your crochet work is beautiful especially the shawl.
    Thank you so much for your kind and caring comment on my blog.......xx

  13. Loving your shawl - such a pretty stitch and colour.
    Fab fruit bargains!
    Ali x

  14. You are going to be busy...
    Your shawl is looking good...
    Have a nice day !

  15. Erg lekker en leuk en mooi

  16. Great and healthy purchase !!)

    Love the cobalt blue piece!!!)

  17. I am also going to work on the kitty litter project very soon:) what a coincidence !! It is yet to arrive. Raj ordered it for me online; it is one of the many gifts I received on my bday:)
    Your shawl is looking lovely :)
    Kitty litter is a big and delicate project. May be two of us can have SAL to keep the tempo going.

  18. I love the silk shawl, what a beautiful pattern. Is the silk easy to work with? I've never tried it before...but I might now after seeing this...x

  19. Lovely! Have you tried a frame for cross-stitching? That way you can work with both hands. Requires a bit of practice, but make the process a lot faster as a result.

  20. Olá,
    É muito bom ponto de cruz e maravilhoso crochet.
    Gostei das tuas postagens, aprecio quem faz trabalhos manuais!

  21. your flower is lovely! I do like the gracefully twisting stem...

    ...and I'm looking forward to seeing how your silk shawl grows - it looks very impressive already :o)

  22. Love the shawl, waiting to get my hands on some silk thread soon :) Popped in from Preeti's space and am your new follower. Off i am going to see some more eye candy!


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