Friday, February 15, 2013

The day after

How was your Valentine's day? I hope you all had a lovely time :) There were so many love-filled posts in blog-land yesterday. They were lovely to read - even better than Christmas! And hearts everywhere :) But I also read so many times yesterday about how people think that Valentine's Day is too commercial and for that reason they are against it, but like I said yesterday I think it is the perfect day to celebrate love in all of it's beautiful forms. Love is great and any reason to show it is good enough for me :)

Anyway, I've made a start on the Tranquility shawl....
These are the first 6 rows and now it's just a 2 repeat all the way through to the lace edge. It's a really simple pattern and now it is going be the same rows over and over I think this is going to be a great project to pick up and put down whenever I get a few minutes spare.
I've been making bread too!
I got a bread maker a couple of years ago for my birthday and it is one of the best kitchen appliances I've ever had. It is so easy to make yummy things with it! To make bread all you need to do is weigh the flour, put in a teaspoon of salt, a packet of yeast and some cold water then press a button and wait.
This time I used a seeded loaf flour mix and it is full of all kinds of seeds:

 It's almost a meal in itself. And the smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen is delicious :)
Yesterday I wanted to share a photo of my calendar for Valentine's day and completely forgot! Here it is:

Hearts, cats and yarn -  isn't that a lovely mix?!

Have a happy, crafty weekend!


  1. Hello Elizabeth
    Unfortunately I,m inclined to agree with many of the comments criticising the comercialization of St VAlentine,s day, spoiling such a beautiful day. IMO that seems to leave a rather tarnished bloom to what should be a sweet intimate celebration.

    Looking forward to seeing your tranquility shawl,that little peak makes it all the moré intriguing.
    Keep well

  2. Hi Elizabeth , I completely agree with you. Love is the important point if Calentunes and showing people how much you love them. Love the heart shape you made with the yarn... :) it's so fun to be creative, ah?
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Te quedará un chal precioso con esta lana y el color me encanta. Es un diseño sencillo de hacer y queda muy elegante.
    Gracias por tu visita, me quedo por aquí mirando tus trabajos.
    Feliz fin de semana

  4. I agree, sometimes its nice to have a day that makes your partner stop and spend a little bit of time appreciating you, as we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to show a little bit of extra love.

    I think your shawl will look amazing, and the colour of yarn you are using is beautiful!

  5. I can smell that bread through the computer - and the shawl is going to be SOOOOOOOOO beautiful! XOXO Tanya

  6. Hi Elizabeth !
    Love the blue for your new shawl ! Almost smell your bread and hope you had a lovely day, yesterday...with your cats ;)
    Have a great weekend !

  7. I love Valentine's day and all that goes with it. I do agree it is quite commercialised but then so are most of our 'special days' like Mothering Sunday or Father's Day etc. The most important aspect for me is sharing those special days with family and I agree that to share and celebrate love is the best part of it. Your bread looks so tasty - makes my mouth water.
    Patricia x

  8. Love your post and all its comments on valentines day.
    Like all our special days i think we can either make them very simple or go out and indulge the day. Me! well i like the simple way, its not what you spend its the thought that counts to show you love and care.....xx

  9. Can´t wait to see the shawl...It looks wonderful, and the color you chose is lovely!

  10. Your shawl color and pattern is nice! Waiting to see it completed:)

  11. Oh what a pretty shawl that's going to be! Love the colour too.
    Have a happy weekend,

  12. Your shawl is going to be lovely! You have reminded me that I have a bread maker and have only ever used it three times...out of sight, out of mind I suppose, maybe if I keep it on my worktop next to my kettle it may get used? The bread looks so tasty and you are right, it makes the house smell delicious. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Karen x

  13. The bread looks yummy :)

    Your shawl is coming along beautifully. Such a beautiful colour and pattern.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Hilde :)

  14. Oooh you are brave making a shawl - it is something I have yet to conquer! Jane x

  15. Every holiday has gone commercial these days. Everyone is out to make a buck. But that doesn't mean we have to buy into the commercialism. I gave the simplest little gift to co-workers and they were all so thrilled. A tiny envelope with a teabag, chocolate and crocheted hearts. It's up to each of us to decide how we want to celebrate, right! ???

    I should get a bread baker. A friend's husband who is a food scientist would always try so many different ingredients in the breads he would make. All so delicious. Fresh baked bread really is so very, very, very yummy!

    Looks like you are have to a great start with the shawl. I am terrible at reading those charts. I need written instructions for it to make any sense at all. :)

    Have a great day! Tammy


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