Monday, February 11, 2013

Tulips in books

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend :)
Last week I saw a really cute blog post about a tulip motif pattern. My blogger reader isn't working today and I can't find the blog where I found the link to this pattern :( But the pattern is available for free download on the Red Heart website! The pattern is for a throw but I just used the tulip idea and made a bookmark.
After making the main bookmark I reattached the yarn and made a chain:
This way the bookmark can be used in smaller, paperback books and larger, hardback books. The main body of the bookmark can be put inside the book and the chain on the outside or vice versa.
I really didn't fancy weaving in lots of ends so I carried the yarn through the work as I was crocheting, so in the end I only had to weave in 6 ends!
Other than crocheting, this weekend we went walking around Madrid and saw that the old municipal history museum has been reopened. It had been covered up for ages and is finally open and on show again. The facade is so pretty:
There were some really pretty sunsets this weekend too.
The photo isn't great, but it was such a pretty afternoon!


  1. what a beautiful bookmark - clever you!

  2. Very pretty bookmark! Nice pattern!Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I love sunsets - we had a really pretty one here, yesterday too! And the museum is MORE than gorgeous!! The ornate gray against those pink/peach walls - AHHHHHHHH. I absolutely adore museums, lucky girl...Vegas doesn't have much in the "cultural" departments. :-) The bookmark is adorable, clever girl. What a sweet way to bring a smile to your face every time you open up that book! Happy Monday, Elisabeth...Tanya

  4. Great tulip pattern - and fab idea about the ends. What an ornate frontage and beautiful sunset!
    Ali x

  5. Beautiful bookmark ! Never see one like this !
    Your pictures are really nice too !
    Have a great week.

  6. Very pretty bookmark, I love the tulips.

  7. Good idea ! It looks great ! I saw the blog too, it was one of the Dutch ladies. My blogger is not working properly either, it's playing on me today.

  8. What a neat idea to use the tulip design for bookmarks! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them with us.
    Hello from Idaho,

  9. hi, Elizy! The bookmark is just calling us to have a Spring mood:) very beautiful pattern, and i Liked how you worked it!
    the museum facade looks so historical... you know, i like such old architecture.
    that sunset's color is pretty and calming.

  10. De boeken;legger is prachtig net als je foto's
    Groeten Tineke

  11. So clever to turn the tulip st into a bookmark. It looks so beautiful!

  12. Love the crochet bookmark, would love to try out the stitches. You are so lucky to live there! Sunsets and wonderful museums. I am very jealous! Karen x

  13. It's beautiful! And the tulip pattern is very pretty.

  14. un marcador precioso!! un besito.maria :)

  15. Elisabeth, just observed today that your blog is a no-reply blog. The replies that I send for your comments on my blog doesn't reach you. I have been sending replies to you from a long time, but I guess you might not have received.

  16. Fantastic bookmark! Beautiful clicks! I love museums! Have a lovely day! :)

  17. What an incredible entrance to that museum! x

  18. Noticed that blog post too and like it a lot but never would thought to make something smaller like you did.Love your idea,so simple and cute,I will use it for hair clip holder for my daughter.


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