Monday, February 25, 2013

Wips and future wips

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and got lots of crafting done :)
This weekend I started another shawl:
I'm using two cones of merino silk lace weight yarn from Colourmart and what I've done so far looks like a little heart:
I'm still working on the silk tranquility shawl and it's really coming along well now. Yesterday afternoon we watched a movie and I worked on it for 2 hours straight...
...I've only got a few more repeats of the main body to do and then I'll be moving on to the lace border.
I think it's only going to take one of the two cones of yarn so I'm already planning on what I can used the second cone for...
...It's like an illness really, I nearly finish one project but I already have a long list of ones I want to do next!
I saw a nice little crochet magazine at the weekend and I couldn't resist it. It's not very often that I find a magazine with more than one pattern I want to follow but this one has a few:
I bought it to make this purple stole. It's a stole, beret and glove set. I might end up making the complete set :) 
I love this cowl and hat, the colours are right up my street too!
 The yarn is called Darling and is made by Katia. The magazine is the Spanish translation of a German magazine called Diana. Katia is a Spanish yarn company and you can always find a Katia selection in any yarn store here so I thought it was funny that the yarn stores they listed for this particular yarn were all in Germany!
The other pattern I particularly liked was this one:
It is similar to the beautiful star burst grannies that I have seen on many blogs recently.
All for 2.50€ (around 2.19 pounds)!


  1. Lovely colour!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I love the color combination of the new shawl you are making. Your new magazine looks fantastic.

  3. heerlijke kleuren en erg mooi de vlinders

  4. Oh I'm so curious how your new shawl will look like, great colors! ♥ Also can't await to see your other beautiful shawl finished ;-). The models from the magazine are very nice, expecially the first set.

  5. It's going to be lovely. I'm like you with my knitting, I'm thinking about what I will make next and I still have something on the needles.

  6. The colors you have chosen for your shawl are lovely! But the threads you are using looks thin, what size is it? It is a big project to make a shawl with thread

  7. Could be a heart. Could be a butterfly. The color is simply gorgeous.

  8. You're quite the prolific little crocheter, girl...these are BOTH going to be SOOOOOOOO beautiful - wish it didn't hurt my hand so much, because I love to crochet (had to swap one hook for two needles and a different motion). Happy crochet filled week, Elisabeth - Tanya

  9. I'm very jealous of your shawl expertise! I stared at some lovely tussah silk in a shop the other day and thought of all the wonderful things I could make with it - then plumped for two balls of double knit on special offer and started a scarf! You can never have too many WIPs x Jane

  10. These shawls are looking amazing! and the colors are lovely...

  11. I love the colours you have chosen for your new shawl, I'm sure it will be beautiful. The blue shawl looks lovely too.
    What a nice crochet magazine, the models are very pretty.
    Enjoy your crochet, Elisabeth :)

  12. Hi, Elisabeth!
    I'm happy to see your projects are coming along nicely :) Those shawls will be great!
    I liked that first set with mittens, very beautiful.
    Looking forward to see your accomplished works :)

  13. Oooh your shawl is looking good already - can't wait to see the finished result. I learnt to crochet about two years ago and dammit I've actually forgotten how to do it! I need to have a look at a youtube tutorial again to remind myself of what to do.

  14. Your are full of enthusiasm and new projects !
    The colors you choose for the shawl is beautiful !
    Have a great day !

  15. Oh, how I love shawls! And those pinks are going to work up so beautifully. After all, that little start you've shared with us is already lovely!

  16. Love the patterns and colors! I wish I could follow a pattern but then I can't even crochet! hahaha!

  17. It looks like a very cute and fun magazine. Live your shawl also :)

  18. Love the colours of your new shawl, it's going to look good. x

  19. Your shawls are looking lovely - the colours are fab - looking forward to seeing them finished in all their finery!
    I have some colourful Katia cotton - currently in use - I'll associate it with you and Spain as I hook!
    Ali x


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