Monday, March 4, 2013

A crafter in Toulouse....part 2

I'm back from France and I can't believe it is March already, this year is going by so quickly!
Today I want to share some photos of Toulouse with you.
It really is a beautiful city with some much to see and do. Because I was going to be on my own during the day (my poor husband was working) I made a list of museums I could go to in case I got bored walking around but I didn't visit a single museum in the end, I spent every day discovering a new part of the city! Something I liked is that it felt like quite a safe city too. You've got to be aware where ever you are nowadays but I certainly didn't feel unsafe anywhere I went.
The river and canal that run through the city make it a really picturesque place.
There are a lot of students there too so it's a busy and vibrant city but there are some beautiful parks that are lovely to sit and relax in
That tree really took my eye, the branches are so curved and twisted.
There are many beautiful churches too, each with a wonderful history.

The St Etienne Cathedral:

and the Basilica of St Sernin (right):
The Capitole is spectacular, day....

....and night
 There are lots of beautiful squares:
Streets perfect for wandering around
And I even had my own 'Amelie moment' breaking the sugar on a creme caramel!
That's my favourite desert and it was so nice to eat one in France!
Another thing I liked about Toulouse was that even though there were plenty of big, chain stores there were also lots of lovely, independent shops of all kinds.
Being a crafter I was most interested in craft shops and my two recommendations for any crafter visiting Toulouse are:
La Droguerie which is in 20 place Roger Salengro (that's the square in the photo above)
Fifi Jolopois in 11 rue de Cujas.
 La droguerie is a lovely yarn store (I blogged a little about it here) and Fifi joloipois is the most amazing bead shop I have ever been in!
It's very close to the centre and is definitely worth a visit, although you should give yourself plenty of time to take it all in and enjoy everything they've got on offer!
Here are a few of the  beads I bought:
I've already made some earring with some other beads I bought there which I'll take photos of and post later this week :)
My stash increased a fair bit on this trip too! Instead of buying a souvenir I wanted to make my own, so I bought some French branded yarn (Phildar) there and started a scarf:
 I'm going to try and finish it this week and use it to remind me of a lovely trip :)


  1. Beautiful photos of what sounds like a great trip!

    Have a good week


  2. This sounds as though you had a fabulous trip and the photos are lovely. Elizabeth I must apologise for not responding to the award you have nominated me for. I meant to have replied earlier and it simply slipped my memory. Thank you for your kind thought and I'll get onto it when I've got my next essay out of the way!
    Patricia x

  3. Wonderful trip - I love the night time pictures. So glad to see your souvenir was some yarn - it'll be a lovely memory each time you wear it x Jane

  4. Ohhhhhhh - I would LOVE to see this in person! So glad you had a great time, and even happier that you took your camera along (my husband worked during the day while I was in HI with him, too). This is gorgeous - and GREAT treasures to cherish, too! XOXO Tanya

  5. Such lovely shots of the place, and my favourite would have to be the creme caramel. What wonderful surroundings to indulge! Chel x

  6. What a beautiful city. I love all your photos. Those beads are so pretty, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  7. The city is beautiful.. I always used to like European architecture, and Toulouse seems like a perfect city to witness it.
    Of course, the craft shops were your best time pass! Those beads are so good, never seen such. The scarf will be lovely, and true, a great memory of your days in France.
    Have a fab week back home!

  8. Beautiful city and lovely pictures! You had a great time! Waiting to see your scarf completed :) the color is very nice.

  9. Thanks for the tour !
    The scarf promess to be nice..
    Have a great day !

  10. I'm sure Toulouse is beautiful! We were in Paris a couple of years ago and I loved walking the city. The streets just seemed to go on and on forever and it was always a bustling place, especially the subways which everyone traveled with baguette in hand as they rushed along. Everywhere I go now, I look for craft shops. I found a fabulous one in Paris with lots of cross-stitch supplies. The scarf you are working up is lovely. Have a great week. Tammy

  11. Great city!!! I like the stich you are using for the scarf!

  12. What a lovely city! It looks like you've had a wonderful chance to explore and I've enjoyed sharing your tour. And all the better for bringing some yarn home with you to create a personal souvenir. xx



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