Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A bucket of.....

Hi everybody!
I hope you're all having a lovely week :)
I saw this beautiful rose a couple of days ago in a public garden:
There were quite a few of them. I went back a couple of days later to see if they had opened up and somebody had stolen every single one of them :( People can be so selfish. If they'd have left the roses where they were supposed to be everyone in the town could have enjoyed them. Still, I suppose someone's house is looking and smelling very nice right now!
Here is a shawl I made quite a while back before I had this blog. I never took any real photos of it so today I got out my mannequin and took a couple of pics:

Really, I got the shawl out to wear it because it's just the right weather for a shawl here at the moment and before I put it on I decided to take some photos :)
My final pictures today are of a bucket.
Not too exciting....huh?!
But wait until you see what I'm using it for.....

That's got to be the best kind of bucket there is, right? It was a free gift at the supermarket last week and when I saw it I knew exactly what I'd be using it for!
It's a bit plain at the moment though so I'm planning on making some flowers to stick to the side and maybe a crochet handle. I'll keep you posted :)


  1. Well, I can't imagine that someone stole the roses from a public garden! Great idea for the neat wooden bucket-one can never have too many yarn stashes around the house.

  2. How totally selfish....spoiling it for everyone else!!!

    Lovely shawl and lovely bucket. Is it made of looks like it.
    Lovely and sunny here in Alicante. What about there in Madrid?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Buckets - shawls - roses - PERFECT! How sad that someone clipped the roses - I'll bet it opened spectacularly!

    The shawl is gorgeous - once never cease to amaze me. Happy Wednesday - use that bucket well, this week! XOXO

  4. Lovely things in your post today. I will look forward to seeing how the bucket turns out. What a great idea

  5. That is just so selfish, stealing roses. Bah. I really like your bucket and look forward seeing the transformation!

  6. That lovely bucket is crying out for a rope handle....expertly crocheted of course.

  7. Nothing better than a bucket of yarn fun. Love your shawl, it is so beautiful.

  8. That is really sad about the roses. I'm glad you got a good photos before it happened. The shawl is gorgeous!

  9. That is really sad to hear about your roses!

    Your shawl looks beautiful, all of your shawls are amazing though.

    Cant wait to see what you do to spruce up your yarn bucket :)

  10. A yarn bucket... What a good idea! A lot more stylish than my carrier bags. Jx

  11. That's awful them stealing all the roses so selfish!, love your shawl, all your shawls are beautiful and I can see how that bucket just had to be for yarn, you could use it for your wips, don't forget to show us the completed embellished bucket when it's all done :)

  12. What a shame someone took the roses. Love your shawl and your lovely we yarn bucket.
    M x

  13. It is such a shame that people pick public flowers, couldn't agree more. I love your beautiful red shawl, you are soo good at these!! Everyone should have a wool bucket like that, fab xoxo

  14. Such a pretty shawl. And I really like your yarn bucket. No better use for a bucket!

  15. So sad that people would steal the roses - we've noticed holes in our town centre gardens where whole plants have been dug out - hope it was out-of-towners and not our lovely local people!!!
    Your shawl is absolutely beautiful Elisabeth - a stunning colour, and I love that bucket so am looking forward to seeing it's makeover. Joy x

  16. What? I can't believe somebody stole all the roses! That's awful! But your shawl on the other hand is beautiful, I love that colour!

  17. I know such people - they used to pluck all the roses from our rose bush and eve we ourselves couldn't enjoy their look!
    The shawl is gorgeous - you are so talented, Elisabeth!
    Oh..yarn bucket! what can be better? :) really like it...

  18. Beautiful rose, shawl ( nice color ) and bucket ( remind me Switzerland...)!
    Have a nice day !

  19. Qué pena las rosas, con lo bonitos que están los jardines ahora con ellas.
    Me ha encantado el chal.

  20. Brill Bucket! Fabulous shawl Elisabeth - you are so talented!
    Ali x

  21. Your shawl is beautiful and I love the colour! And what a wonderful bucket to keep some of your yarn. Take care. Chel x

  22. Why cant people leave flowers alone ? Those roses would have looked amazing now . . .
    I love the bucket and your shawl !!


  23. Hi, welcome to my blog :-)
    I am now following yours, too...
    The papers for my notebooks are from a discounter. Sometimes the are having really nice paper products!
    Thanks for your compliments :-)
    See you, Pami

    1. I forget to tell you, that I love the shawl pattern! It looks very nice & I love the colour!
      Mine is still in progress... It´ll take some time... Too many projects at one time :-)
      Greetings from Hamburg, Pami


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