Saturday, May 18, 2013

Elise shawl and something new

I finished the first of my CALs yesterday and today I've taken it off the blocking board. Here it is:
It's my 4th Elise Shawl. I love this pattern!
I made some tassels for it using the Juliana Wrap pattern. The tassels in that shawl are great for holding it in place when worn to the front which is how I normally wear my shawls.
This is what it was like before blocking:
Blocking really does work wonders sometimes!
Now for the 'something new' part of the post.
I've tried knitting quite a few times but I've never really got very far with it. The cast on was always a big slow down for me, the times I'd tried it I found it very tedious.
But my mom got me a huge book on knitting last year and one of the ways to cast on is called the thumb cast on which looked easy enough so I gave it a go:
Yay! I cast on some stitches and it only took a minute!
They even look like the photo!
There are so many beautiful knitting patterns out there, especially for shawls, and I've love to learn but I find two needles so awkward compared to one hook.
Does anyone have any great tips  or websites you could recommend?
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Another beauty Elisabeth - and well done with your casting on - you'll be knitting up a storm in no time x Jane

  2. Beautyful scarf again!! Do you know It's also in English. Have a lovely weekend too:)

  3. Lovely shawl. I find YouTube videos useful for learning to crochet, so I suppose there might be some good knitting tutorials on there as well.

  4. Lovely shawl, Elisabeth, and the tassels are perfect. You are so talented!
    Good luck on you knitting adventure, can't wait to see what you make :)

  5. The shawl is beautiful, it made me want to try that pattern too, it's really pretty. And I love the tassels!
    I always cast on using that method, and knit Portuguese style, which for me is much easier, but in the end I think it's all a matter of practice. I find you tube videos very useful too, whenever I can´t figure out a pattern I always find some good tip or tutorial there.

  6. I just love those shawls. you just have to find your own rhythm with knitting. I cast on using a thumb method which my mum and auntie showed me but I knit them on for ages and that worked too. Thanks for always dropping by my blog. Jo x

  7. Marama je prelepa!!!
    Pletenje si super počela!

  8. Your shawl is gorgeous !The color, the pattern and the tassel make it gorgeous !
    You are really a pro !
    For the knitting, I'm an amateur...
    Have a nice Sunday ! I hope with the sun...

  9. Beautiful shawl, just keep knitting you can do it and pretty soon it will seem as easy as crochet.
    hugs to you,

  10. You've done such a lovely job with the shawl Elisabeth - it's beautiful - and the tassels are such a good idea. Well done you!
    I think that so long as you have the interest and intent to learn to knit, then it will happen for you. I would suggest you start with small items in colours and yarns that you love, so you can enjoy early results, then the more patience and practice - the better it will become and the more you will enjoy it. Sounds like you have a huge help with the book and there are most likely plenty of short videos online, as with crochet. I wish you all the very best with it.
    Joy x

  11. It's absolutely beautiful, Elisabeth. You are very talented.

  12. What a lovely shawl! I am fairly new to knitting too. I love it, but it did take some time to get the hang of the two needles.
    I cast on with this method too.
    xo Kris

  13. Beautiful Elise shawl! And your knitting looks nice, it is a bit difficult to grasp but it will go better each time! I think casting on is actually the hardest part of knitting, together with binding off...

  14. Lovely, lovely shawl. Thank you for sharing with us. :-)

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (I know you've heard that from me before)...this is exquisite, Elisabeth! I have been so inspired by you, I have knitted up a few shawlettes for gifts this past Mother's Day. I used to crochet, but developed carpal tunnel in my left hand, so had to give it up, sadly. I turned to knitting because it's a different motion, with no wrist movement involved. You might pick up Debbie Stoller's Stitch N' Bitch Knitting book (the first one is a great starting point). Happy Sunday - you ROCK!

  16. Another beautiful shawl. Well done on the casting on, when you get the hang of knitting you will love it too.
    M x

  17. What a lovely shawl! I took a great knitting class at a LYS and it was a fun way to learn how to knit.

  18. it's beautiful and yes what a difference blocking makes! good luck with your knitting, I used to knit more than crochet but the crochet has taken over, once you get going there will be no going back you will love it I'm sure :)

  19. Your shawls are sooo beautiful Elisabeth - fine works of art. Have fun with your needles too - I'm sure you'll find a rhythm soon.
    Ali x

  20. Your shawl is beautiful . . . The blocking part did not make such a dramatic impact in my shawl. . . it looks amazing !!

  21. this pattern is in my queue for long time now. amazing shawl and love its colour too

  22. Your shawl looks beautiful and lovely with the tassles :)

    I hope you get on great with your knitting, you are using lovely yarn for it :)

  23. What a beautiful shawl, I would try YouTube to learn how to knit, I think that would work

  24. What a very very lovely shawl.. Beautiful in every way. Hugs Judy

  25. I love your shawl, the tassels really make it - they're fab! :)

  26. That is beautiful, so delicate. Another thing to add to my list of things I want to make... (Thanks for visiting my blog... And commenting, it pleases me so!)

  27. Very beautiful shawl and the tassels are great :-). Super that you started knitting!! My cast on method isn't the thumb one and I searched for the right name. I learned it from my mother long ago. The most similar one is the continental method that you see here
    but I hold the yarn a little different (other way round at the little finger and then inside the hand, not behind). And I take 2 needles for the cast on: Hold 2 needles parallel together, cast on all stitches on both, then put 1 needle out and start knitting normally. This way you get a more stretchy start and it's easier to get the needle in the stitches when knitting the first row. Just like the others I think youtube videos are a good way to learn :-). And starting with little projects for quick success ;-). Maybe a simple potholder, or a washcloth (e.g. see my pattern lately). Happy knitting!!


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