Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer crochet....and a very cute kitty!

Hello everyone!
How is your summer going so far? Do you craft more or less in the hotter months? I crochet all year round but in the summer I prefer to use lighter, brighter yarns.
I've made some colourful flowers: 
I can't decide whether to make them into a bracelet or a bookmark.
What do you think?
Oh, and my yarn bucket is now a WIP bucket:
This is a pattern that caught my eye this weekend too:
I've gone through my stash and I've got enough yarn to make it so I am thinking of starting it tonight!
Finally, here are some photos of my feral friend:
I have no idea where she'd been, but she was covered in cobwebs!
Look at her little face:
Butter wouldn't melt!
I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old lady crochet?

I've been crocheting for a few years now and this last week I finally decided the time had come to make a typical crochet classic..... a doily:
Debbie Stoller doesn't seem to like doilies, how about you? Do you make them or use them in your home?
I'd never made one like this before because I'd never stopped to look for a pattern but now I have made the first one I feel like this could be the beginning of an obsession :)
I used Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread 10 for this and a 1.75mm hook.
I am a huge fan of Aunt Lydia's. Their threads are lovely to work with and there are all kinds of colours. They block like a dream too and I love to block!
I buy mine online and even after paying the postage they are still cheaper than most other crochet threads.
To be honest I LOVED making this. It took me three days and the whole time I was making it I couldn't wait to finish it to see what it would look like. I even enjoyed using the 1.75mm hook!
 This is one of the few times I've actually enjoyed working in the round on a project too. Do you like to work in the round on your crochet projects?
Have a lovely Sunday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion, flowers and earrings

Happy Monday everyone!
It looks like crochet is in fashion this summer. There are lots of crocheted things in the shops at the moment.
I've seen things in independent shops and also chain stores like H&M and Mango and at the weekend I saw this pretty top:
What are your favourite crochet garments to wear? If you stop by my blog often you'll know that I LOVE crochet shawls all year round :) In Winter I love my crochet socks too.
Look at this beautiful balcony:
It's in a street right in the centre of Madrid and it is beautiful all year round but at the moment there are just so many pretty colours and flowers that I couldn't resist taking a photo and sharing it with you :) It must take a lot of effort to keep all those plants looking so good.
I made some earrings for my friend's birthday last week and I actually remembered to take some photos before sending them! Do you forget to take photos of the things you make? I have given away so many things before taking photos. I even had to ask one of my friends to take some pictures of a gift I made for her and email them to me a couple of years ago :)
Here's a close up to see the size:

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Roses and a purple bay

Hello everyone!
Thank you for stopping by :) Today I've got some really pretty photos of some roses. Yes! This time I was lucky and I got some photos before somebody stole them!

There are so many roses around here at the moment and there are so wonderful colours.

Now for the crochet part of my post:
Another shawl! This one is the South Bay Shawlette pattern. It's really similar to the Elise pattern which is one of my favourites.

This last photo came out a bit blurry and I didn't realise until I'd already put the shawl away.
The yarn is by Punta Yarns and is a merino sock yarn which is just the softest yarn. Their colourways are amazing too!
I hope you all have a very happy weekend filled with lots of crafts!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prettifying step by step

Remember my plain bucket from the other day? Well, it's not so plain anymore!
Here is my new yarn bucket in all its glory:
This is how it was before:
I wasn't even that sure about making any changes to it, but once I started I decided to go all out and  prettify the whole thing!
Step one
Take a piece of rope that was far from being pretty:

Get my never ending stash of pink dk cotton yarn and start crocheting around the rope:

I did single crochet along the length of the rope, threaded it through the holes on the side of the bucket and knotted. Once I'd done that I twisted the length of single crochet to give a twisty effect to the handle:
Step Two
The handle was looking prettier but I didn't like the knots so I made a couple of button flowers to cover them up:
And glued them on:
But look at the messy inside of the bucket and the boring edge. Yuk!
This led me to....
Steps Three and Four

Two lengths of braid to stick to the edges and I got out my fabric stash and cut a piece to cover the bottom of the bucket:

Nearly finished :)
Step Five
All that was left now was to make a big crochet flower to stick on the side
And here's another after photo:

After doing this I've been looking at all the other plain things we've got around the home and wondering what I could do to make them prettier with crochet!
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