Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion, flowers and earrings

Happy Monday everyone!
It looks like crochet is in fashion this summer. There are lots of crocheted things in the shops at the moment.
I've seen things in independent shops and also chain stores like H&M and Mango and at the weekend I saw this pretty top:
What are your favourite crochet garments to wear? If you stop by my blog often you'll know that I LOVE crochet shawls all year round :) In Winter I love my crochet socks too.
Look at this beautiful balcony:
It's in a street right in the centre of Madrid and it is beautiful all year round but at the moment there are just so many pretty colours and flowers that I couldn't resist taking a photo and sharing it with you :) It must take a lot of effort to keep all those plants looking so good.
I made some earrings for my friend's birthday last week and I actually remembered to take some photos before sending them! Do you forget to take photos of the things you make? I have given away so many things before taking photos. I even had to ask one of my friends to take some pictures of a gift I made for her and email them to me a couple of years ago :)
Here's a close up to see the size:

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!



  1. The white crochet top is lovely. I would love to venture out to try and make a sleeveless sweater. May oneday. The ear rings are lovely. And the flower boxes are gorgeous.

  2. I love flowers,i love crochet,i do like visit your blog!!:)
    You crochet super scarves!!

  3. Son unos pendientes muy bonitos, me encantan.
    Y el balcón está precioso, da gusto verlo.
    Es verdad que ahora el ganchillo vuelve con mucha fuerza, qué suerte, porque a mí me apasiona.

  4. Crochet socks? Now that does sound interesting go on tell us.. Beautiful earrings Jo x

  5. These are all such pretty things. I have been seeing a lot of crochet in the stores too. I love that balcony, I want to be sitting on it right now! :)

  6. Crochet certainly is high fashion at the moment and you should sell those beautiful shawls of yours! Make the most of it being in fashion. I just love the view of all those gorgeous geraniums(?) in the window boxes, it is soo beautiful. Very beautiful earrings and a very lucky friend. I am now getting into the zone of taking photo's, but there are so many things I have made for gifts that I have never photographed. Happy Monday to you xoxo

  7. Very pretty earrings! I'm still trying to find the perfect crochet top. I bought something fairly chunky from M+S at the beginning of the season but it's way too warm for the current weather. Jx

  8. Wow! those ear-rings are exquisite Elisabeth - how clever of you!
    What beautiful colour on that balcony, I bet there are many admirers who did same as you and 'snapped' them!
    I've been too busy making blankets and amigurumi so haven't really got around to crocheting myself anything to wear, but have been on the lookout for a card/jacket pattern for some time now. I do like that top though and could wear something like that in summer time - time for that over here!
    Joy x

  9. Beautiful earrings - I love that silver filigree-looking blossom.

    My favourite crochet to wear is scarves and bracelets - so easy to add to any outfit. :)

  10. Yes ! Crochet is all over ! Good for us !
    The balcony is beautiful and the earrings, gorgeous !
    Have a nice evening !

  11. What an amazing balcony, so beautiful. Love the earrings you made for your friend, she is going to love them.

  12. Sadly I have never been able to succeed at crochet, but I do admire it. The earrings are so pretty.

  13. It's great that crochet has such a big comeback, isn't it? My favorite crochet garments are shawls and scarfs, too :-). Oh and I also have a photo problem! Sometimes I forget to take photos, but more often I don't find the time for revising and posting them with text on my blog :-(. There are always things I've not shown, and sometimes I show things half a year later *lol*. Think I have to live with this ;-).

  14. Oh and I also wanted to say that your earrings are beautiful!! Great job, I'm sure your friend was very happy =)


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