Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old lady crochet?

I've been crocheting for a few years now and this last week I finally decided the time had come to make a typical crochet classic..... a doily:
Debbie Stoller doesn't seem to like doilies, how about you? Do you make them or use them in your home?
I'd never made one like this before because I'd never stopped to look for a pattern but now I have made the first one I feel like this could be the beginning of an obsession :)
I used Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread 10 for this and a 1.75mm hook.
I am a huge fan of Aunt Lydia's. Their threads are lovely to work with and there are all kinds of colours. They block like a dream too and I love to block!
I buy mine online and even after paying the postage they are still cheaper than most other crochet threads.
To be honest I LOVED making this. It took me three days and the whole time I was making it I couldn't wait to finish it to see what it would look like. I even enjoyed using the 1.75mm hook!
 This is one of the few times I've actually enjoyed working in the round on a project too. Do you like to work in the round on your crochet projects?
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous ! Love the color and the pattern !
    I love doilies...round, square, simple, complicate, all of them...
    Have a nice Sunday and creative week !

  2. I love making doilies! Aunt Lydia's is the best thread. I have found a lot of patterns online, especially Pinterest and Ravelry.

  3. Very lovely doily !!
    I am a doily obsessed person. I always have a doily project running in parallel with other projects :)

  4. IT sure is beautiful. I am not a doily maker or user but yours is just gorgeous.

  5. Wow, that looks so intricate it's amazing it only took you 3 days. Although I love crochet I'm not really into doilies but my mum and MIL are in a big way, they seem to have an ever ending supply of doilies and crochet magazines with doily patterns.

  6. I don't use doilies but only because they wouldn't last 5 minutes in my mucky house. I love looking at them though and yours is beautiful. Blue happens to be my favourite colour and I have never seen a blue doily before. My aim is to one day have a lovely neat house and then I will be able to think about cushions and doilies.

  7. I don't use doilies but I am always in awe of the intricate stitches. It is beautiful Jo x

  8. Very beautiful creation. Loving the colours you used. I have bought some aunt Lydia a couple of weeks ago and looking forward to using it! xo

  9. Love your beautifully dainty doily Elisabeth! I love working in the round - but haven't tackled a doily yet!
    This has been in the news here this week - initially the makers were unknown!
    Can't imagine what size hook they used!!
    Hope to see more of your circular creations
    Ali x

  10. Wow, what can I say, absolutely stunning and would look lovely on my table :) xx

  11. very beautiful indeed! I havent made a doily yet but it is on the list! where do you buy your thread from?

  12. That is absolutely stunning Elisabeth - you win first prize!
    I do enjoy working in the round for it was crocheting amigurumi that first got me into hooking, but have never attempted a 'real' doily such as this - it's so very fine and delicate - gosh - something to be really proud of, and I am also taken with the beautiful yarn.
    Well done, although I shouldn't be surprised at such beauty after seeing the other beautiful items you make!
    Joy x

  13. It's just beautiful, well done! My mum has a crocheted doily in the centre of her dining room table that was a wedding gift 52 years ago, and has lived on the table as long as I can remember - and I have always loved it!
    Have a lovely week,

  14. I adore doilies...i use them everywhere. Yours is just lovely!

  15. I am really impressed! The patience to produce such dainty crochet is something I don't have. Have a wonderful week! xx

  16. I love working in the round. I'm still a bit wonky on the straight but I'm still practicing anyway. I love the detail in your doily by the way. It looks gorgeous.

  17. So so beautiful, I love your doily, Elisabeth :)
    I have many doilys in my house, all of them made by my grandmothers and my mother in law. I have never crocheted a doily myself, but one day I will for sure.
    Enjoy your week :)

  18. Beautiful!!I love to crochet in all forms,and on my blog i have them a little?!:)

  19. How delicate piece of work. I have been thinking for some time to make a doily and then sew it on to a cushion, it is one of my many pending projects.

    What will you put it ? As decoration ?

    I do enjoy working on rounds, so far. the blanket I'm making for my daughter is all little rounds but I guess a doily is different to that, although I'm also changing colour in every single round. . .

    Lovely work !

  20. Qué gran trabajo, se ve precioso.

  21. It's lovely. Well done. So delicate and love the colour.

    I have made a few doilies and they do grow quite fast. Just had my first go at stiffening one with sugar solution, am quite pleased with the result. It took just over a week to dry out.

  22. I thought I had already written a comment much earlier, but it seems as if I'm mistaken there. So I have to praise your doily today ;-). It's really beautiful! ♥ And guess what? Doilies are one of my obsessions, too. Making them is such a lot of fun! I would make much more if there would be more tables here, haha ;-). But luckily there are people that are pleased when they are presented with a doily ;-). About working in the round, yes, I like it. Namely I don't mind if I have to work in rounds or rows, both is o.k. for me!


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