Monday, June 3, 2013

Prettifying step by step

Remember my plain bucket from the other day? Well, it's not so plain anymore!
Here is my new yarn bucket in all its glory:
This is how it was before:
I wasn't even that sure about making any changes to it, but once I started I decided to go all out and  prettify the whole thing!
Step one
Take a piece of rope that was far from being pretty:

Get my never ending stash of pink dk cotton yarn and start crocheting around the rope:

I did single crochet along the length of the rope, threaded it through the holes on the side of the bucket and knotted. Once I'd done that I twisted the length of single crochet to give a twisty effect to the handle:
Step Two
The handle was looking prettier but I didn't like the knots so I made a couple of button flowers to cover them up:
And glued them on:
But look at the messy inside of the bucket and the boring edge. Yuk!
This led me to....
Steps Three and Four

Two lengths of braid to stick to the edges and I got out my fabric stash and cut a piece to cover the bottom of the bucket:

Nearly finished :)
Step Five
All that was left now was to make a big crochet flower to stick on the side
And here's another after photo:

After doing this I've been looking at all the other plain things we've got around the home and wondering what I could do to make them prettier with crochet!


  1. Such a lovely idea!
    Hi! I'm Nina. I wonder if you would like we follow each other as we have a lot of interests in common!

  2. Fantasticno!!
    Super si ulepsala,svaki detalj na pravo mesto!!
    Sad ce sve u kuci da promeni izgled,cekam da vidim.:)

  3. Very very cute! I really like how you did the handle, very clever!


  4. Dear Elisabeth, I'm so happy!
    Thanks dear for accepting my invitation.
    Here I am, following you back!

  5. What a lovely idea Elisabeth, now your bucket looks the bizz. It is so bright and full of inspiration xo

  6. Brilliant idea Elisabeth. It looks so pretty.
    Patricia x

  7. What a transformation! I love it! Yarn can jazz anything up, eh?
    xo Kris

  8. Great looking project. Love your blog. I am crocheting too Jo x

  9. Te ha quedado genial!!!!!!!!!!
    Besos pilar

  10. This is very cute, and definitely much better than the plain before version!

  11. That's a very pretty transformation.

  12. That is so gorgeous, I really love the transformation.
    M x

  13. You did a lovely job with it Elisabeth - I've been 'hanging out' wondering how it would look after you'd given it your wonderful crochet treatment and I'm very impressed with the result, well done! Total makeover!
    Joy x

  14. Your bucket looks beautiful. You have a wonderful place to keep your yarn now. Pretty to look at, pretty to use.

  15. a very cute and clever idea! more please!

  16. Perfect with all your favorite colors !
    Have a nice day !

  17. Que cosas tan bonitas que haces, yo no se hacer ganchillo y os admiro a las que sabéis hacer cosas tan lindas con las lanas.
    Gracias por visitar mi blog y así darme la oportunidad de conocer el tuyo.
    Besicos, Maribel

  18. How creative, Elisabeth, I love your prettyfied yarn bucket :) Great work!

  19. PRETTIFIED it IS!!! Lots of work with DARLING results - Love it, Elisabeth - Happy Wednesday - XOXO

  20. Que trabajo tan bonito y original!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nice work !!! Very clever and inventive !

  22. Oh, how lovely is this. Cheers for visiting my blog. I have just started following you through Friend Connect.

    Have a nice week!

  23. it's lovely Ali, so pretty :)

    1. Sorry I mean Elisabeth, been trying to catch up with everyone tonight and I don't know if I'm coming or going haha

  24. Está muy bonito con el ganchillo, es una monada.

  25. What a great idea, I like it :-)

  26. What a lovely idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

  27. Very pretty - great upcycling! Thanks so much for linking up on Hooking on Hump Day!


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