Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer crochet....and a very cute kitty!

Hello everyone!
How is your summer going so far? Do you craft more or less in the hotter months? I crochet all year round but in the summer I prefer to use lighter, brighter yarns.
I've made some colourful flowers: 
I can't decide whether to make them into a bracelet or a bookmark.
What do you think?
Oh, and my yarn bucket is now a WIP bucket:
This is a pattern that caught my eye this weekend too:
I've gone through my stash and I've got enough yarn to make it so I am thinking of starting it tonight!
Finally, here are some photos of my feral friend:
I have no idea where she'd been, but she was covered in cobwebs!
Look at her little face:
Butter wouldn't melt!
I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week :)


  1. You always make good shawls so I think the blue one is going to be great. I crochet all year round. Jo x

  2. OI!
    O xale em cor azul, amo!
    Flores em crochet são bem-vindas e lindas!!!

  3. I crochet all year round too.
    Love the photos of your cat, she is adorable :) Your blue crochet shawl is coming along nicely, the pattern looks very pretty.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hi and thank you for joining my blog. Yes I crochet all year round too. Your cat is so cute and yes I'm enjoying the summer and I went to the beach on Saturday.
    Julie from

  5. A bracelet I think, I love the shawl and the top looks great too. I crochet just the same amount in the summer but prefer to use lighter yarns and cotton, your cat is so sweet! :)

  6. If you make your flowers in thin cotton you could stiffen them Like I do my tatting, they would hold in shape better for a bracelet, just a suggestion.
    I love your little cat, do you feed him?
    He's in better condition than ours, but I know for a fact that ours has been around for 6 years so I think he may be quite old. We feed him each day but he still hisses if we get too near.

  7. Your little flowers are very sweet. I craft all year round, rain or shine, my hands always need to be busy!
    M x

  8. I knit less in the summer but only because I have much more to do in the garden etc. I still make sure I knit at least a few rows each day as I don't want to get out of the habit.

  9. I crochet and knit year round but seem to be much more productive in the winter. Your kitty looks so sweet, I'm sure she wasn't up to anything bad! :-)

  10. I love to crochet all year round, but love the light in the summer so am more likely to do fiddly stuff them. How about joining the flowers into a garland. Perfect for summer garden parties.
    S xx

  11. What a gorgeous little KittyKat she is Elisabeth - how could she possibly be up to anything!!
    I crochet all year round too, and love light cotton yarns in summer.
    Your shawl is looking very pretty - another intricate stitch - you do such a fab job of them Elisabeth!
    I think your little flowers would make a gorgeous bracelet - I've seen a few around lately and they look so nice - but of course they would also make sweet bookmarks too - maybe you'll need to make more and do both!
    I hope your week is wonderful!
    Joy x

  12. just love those flowers you've made... right ho, off to make some too...or at least give it a go!

  13. I crochet all year round, your flowers are soo pretty

  14. Love the flowers, a bracelet would be so much fun.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Lovely flowers and cat !
    And a lot of project for the next days...or month...;)
    Have a nice day !

  16. The flowers are very pretty and I like your next jumper project.
    Patricia x

  17. The flowers are adorable, so is miss kitty! Wow, if I could make my own clothes, that would be awesome, I can't wait to see the finished pullover!! I don't craft much in the summer, too busy lounging in the pool!

  18. Those flowers would make a lovely bookmark and your new shawl, loving that blue colour, it is going to be gorgeous!! Such a sweet kitty. Really looking forward to seeing that shawl when it is done, you clever girl! xoxo

  19. Beautiful crocheted flowers,start a scarf,a cute cat!!:)
    Crochet always!

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