Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I made a smaller version of the heart doily for a friend of mine:
I mailed it off to her with a Little Matryoshka gift tag
Hoping that she would love it

And the day before it reached her, a gift she'd made for me reached my front door:

Isn't it beautiful?
It's needle tatted. I have been wanting to try needle tatting for quite a while and seeing this has made me want to try it even more :)

It was so nice to get suprise gift. It's always so lovely to know that someone is thinking of you :)
Also, I've started up a Facebook page for my blog.
If you want to visit there, click here :)
How's your week going so far?


  1. Wonderful necklace gift for you and beautiful heart doily!!!

  2. neat doily work and that necklace is beautiful. Isn't it great when something like that just plops on the doormat? Jo x

  3. Lovely work by both of you. How nice to exchange handmade gifts with friends. I don't think I have any friends who like to make things.

  4. I love them both. I have never tried to make a doily yet! I should....
    xo Kris

  5. You've both done each other proud. Lovely gifts.
    Patricia x

  6. The heart doily is gorgeous, what a lovely gift for your friend. Your new necklace is so pretty too.
    M x

  7. Awh Elisabeth, the gift you made for your friend is so beautiful and the little notecard is gorgeous. The gift you received in return is so pretty, would love to see a pic of you wearing it, I am sure it looks lovely on. Off to like you on Facebook, just in the process of setting mine up to, so please have a look as will try and like you from there. Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine (as always). Hope things have cooled down a bit. Much love xoxo

  8. You've made a beautiful doily there Elisabeth and I love your little label too! I bet your friend just loves it! And what a lovely surprise in the beautiful necklet - it is very sweet!
    Joy x

  9. Both beautiful gifts - how lovely to spoil each other with thoughtful pressies like that.
    Off to FB now to see your new page :-)

  10. Beautiful doiley, and a lovely necklace in return, it's so nice getting gifts in the mail xx

  11. love the beautiful doily and the lovely tag - so sweet! Yes, it is nice to get things through the post especailly a lovely surprise gift! off to look at your fb page... and thanks for finding mine!!seems we're all doing this now!

  12. Un tejido muy hermoso y delicado en sus detalles ¡muy bien logrado!... ¡aaadiúuu!

  13. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


  14. I am eager to try needle tatting as well. I have been using tatting thread to crochet mini pansies.Its so tiny!!

  15. Perfect doily and necklace !
    Have a nice evening !

  16. Lovely gifts, you two are very special to know just what to make for each other.

  17. Beautiful gifts, both the doily and the necklace :)

  18. Yes, love them both! I'm making my very first doily, so nice to see hou it turns out:) Have a nice evening.

  19. Lovely gifts!! You both must have been so delighted to receive :)

  20. Oh I love your heart doily, its very pretty.

    You are very lucky, that necklace is beautiful! I have been curious about needle tatting too!


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