Monday, July 1, 2013


Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? What crafting did you do?
I made this:
It's called hearts desire doily and you can find the pattern on the red heart webpage.

It's a really simple pattern and is very fast to make. I made mine with a 4mm hook and dk yarn. It measures 28cm/11inches.
I was thinking that this pattern in zpagetti yarn would made a really cute bath mat.
Now talking of red heart, look at what arrived for me this morning:

A mountain of red heart yarn!
I've got the perfect project planned for all that yummy yarn but this week we're going to have a heat wave here and I don't know how much crocheting I'll be doing with thick, warm yarns.
Look at these temperatures:

Uhhhhh I know lots of people love summer but it can be a real pain sometimes. I love the autumn and spring and the warm temperatures but when we start nearing 40º in summer I just want to move somewhere cool and be able put on a sweater!
Still, I won't complain too much because it could be worse. Have you read about the heatwave in California? They've reached 54º! The hottest I've ever seen was officially 45º in the shade and that was way too much for me!
Someone else who isn't too keen on the summer temperatures is my little feral friend. I can barely get her to open her eyes even for her favourite treats:

She's so adorable that despite the heat I'll be going to see her every day :)
I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!


  1. elisabeth... do you have to be a member of that site to get the pattern for free? I just couldnt find it anywhere and searched for ages and kept on coming back to the same link. That doily is just lovely!

    1. Hi! No you don't have to be a member. Just click on the link above in my post and that takes you to the download link on the red heart site. One the left hand side of the page there is a button to 'download printable instructions' and it downloads as a neat PDF file :)

  2. I love the doily and what could be better than a mountain of new yarn. Try to stay cool, I know it is hard. Here in the summer I tend to stay inside in the sir conditioning. But when I have to garden or go for a walk, it is so hot and humid.
    Hugs to you,

  3. What a pretty doily, so nicely done of course, as you do Elisabeth!
    And such gorgeous colours - looking forward to seeing your next project.
    I have a very low tolerance of the heat too, so you have my sympathy - and so does the sweet little cat!
    Joy x

  4. Lovely heart!!
    Beautiful mountains of yarn!:)
    Summer is summer...

  5. You heart doily is lovely.
    I agree with you on the heat thing. . . I'm not really a swimming pool person either but this week it looks like it will be the only option.
    Not doing much crafting so far, but this weekend managed to work on some of my WIPs.


  6. Nice doily !! We are done with hot weather here. It reached a max of 45 for a week. Stay cool, take care.

  7. Love it! I am smack dab in the middle of the heat wave. UGH!!!!
    XO Kris

  8. Love the doily, and that lovely new yarn!, you have my sympathy with the hot weather, I hated the Summers in Syria when it could reach 45 sometimes, the average for summer was 35 and even that was too much for me, try to keep cool and drink lots of fluids :)

  9. Nice doily, looking forward to your new project. What barmy temperatures! we were excited because it didn't rain on a camp out on Saturday see my blog Jo x

  10. Ooooo lovely new doily and Ooooo new yarn! And can you send some of your excess heat over to the Netherlands? It still doesn't feel like summer over here!
    Have a great evening :)

  11. The new yarn is so pretty and I *love* the doily! I might have to try one too. I would have to convert the temperatures but I can tell it must be really hot! We've been having a lot of hot weather too but that's pretty normal for us. I'm already excited for fall. :)

  12. Your doily is so very pretty. The new yarn looks lovely too.
    M x

  13. Sooo pretty, I love your hearts... And that mountain of new yarn!

  14. Hi, Elisabeth! I can understand your disliking of such hot weather. After i moved to India, I realized that I don't like hot summer as much as I used to long for it in my native country. 54?? too much to bear!

    I liked your cute heart doily very much, nice pattern, thanks for sharing!
    Take care and drink loads of water. The cat is adorable!

  15. Hello lovely Elizabeth. Loving your new blue doily it is very lovely indeed. I can't believe you are complaining about the heat (haha!) it is freezing here and it suppose to be summer. We are all wearing thick socks and warm clothes with jackets and cardigans and its cold. What I would give for some warmth. The grass is always greener on the other side, right. Well enjoy the heat for me. Love you very cute puss. Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine xoxo

  16. Lovely hearts ! And great colors !
    It's hot here too ! I'm like you, I prefer spring and autumn...

  17. Your doilly is gorgeous and such a pretty colour.
    Patricia x

  18. Oh i love that little doily, and all that yarn looks fantastic!!

    Your little friend looks cute!

  19. Gostei do crochet e lindo gatinho! Concordo, prefiro o inverno e primavera! :-)

  20. You are so talented. a feral recently adopted me and my husband, we've named her moggy - a bit like your kitty, she is not wanting to open eyes wide in the sunshine either

  21. I love summer and high temperatures! Winter leaves me cold (pun intended LOL). Where do you live? Lovely doily and that yarn is in the most beautiful colours! xxx

  22. Cuuute cute kitty!! ♥ And such a nice ♥ doily! I made this also some time ago in a thicker yarn, but I like your thin yarn better :-). Temperatures are similar here, it's 35-36°C. Today we got a few drops of rain after many weeks, but no noteworthy cooling-down, it's still sticky. But I won't complain because summer was so desperately expected ;-).


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