Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've been away for how long???

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last blogged. I've missed writing and I've missed you all. 
While I've not actually sat down and blogged in a few weeks I have been taking lots of photos and planning what to write so now I'm back be ready for lots of photos and creations over the next few days and weeks :)
Today I'll start by showing you a shawl: 
I made this one for myself after seeing the yarn on offer. It's Rowan silky tweed. It's 80% wool and 20% silk and it's such a warm yarn. It's a little bit scratchy when worn directly against the skin but if you wear it over something else it's perfect.
I tend to wear shawls around my neck over a turtle neck and this year is great for that kind of shawl.
I made a shawl with this year a couple of years back and it's been my favourite ever since I finished it and when I saw the yarn on offer I ordered some and got to work.
I used 5 skeins in total for the shawl.
I enjoyed making it so much that I'm working on another one already!
This one is going to be a Christmas present.
Do you give handmade gifts at Christmas? Have you started making anything yet?
This year is the earliest I've ever started getting ready for Christmas because this year I want to give handmade wherever I can.
Now for shawl number 2:
This is a super easy double crochet shawl. No special stitches, no pattern, just dcs and ch spaces all the way.
The yarn is by Louisa Harding and is sari ribbon.
It's really thick and is fast to use. I used an 8mm hook for this shawl and I crocheted the actual shawl in less time than it took me to wind the hanks into balls! Crazy, right? I got the ribbon all tangled up while winding it and it took me over an hour to wind one ball.
It was nice to crochet with something different to regular yarn too. What have you crocheted with apart from yarn? I crochet with wire from time to time too which is fun. How about you?
Now, finally I started a pullover this summer and I'm still working on it:

I'm doing the final part now which is the waistband. I'd put it to one side but now the weather is right for this type of clothes so it's back in my project bucket.
That's all for today but I'll be back again soon.
Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. I've made fingerless gloves for a couple of people as gifts. It's the first time ever I've done that, so we'll see how they are received!! Your shawls are lovely.

  2. It's great to have you back Elizabeth !! We have all missed you, I have for sure !! Hope all ok with you and looking forward to seeing all your great creations back again !

  3. Welcome back! All of your makes are gorgeous. As always, you are talented and so industrious. :)

  4. Your shawls are all gorgeous! I'm glad you're back.

  5. Everything is beautiful,shawls fantastic!!

  6. Welcome back! And lovely to see your pretty shawls - you have been busy.

  7. Missed you. I just love all of your shawls they look so classy. Call in and see me some time for a shot of Shropshire! Jo x

  8. The shawls are gorgeous, so glad to see you posting again.

  9. It is lovely to have you back! Your makes are beautiful. I have started my Christmas makes too...I find the earlier I start, the better!
    M x

  10. It's so lovely to have you back in blogland Elisabeth, I've missed you! I love all your beautiful projects, such a clever and talented girl you are - and the shawl and its colour are gorgeous, although pity about the scratchy content - I too have trouble with anything the least bit itchy! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely makes, hugs, Joy x

  11. Glad to see you back again, Elizabeth !! Your shawls look wonderful :)

  12. Beautiful projects!! Can you tell us how to get the patterns especially the first two?? Lovely work!!

    1. Hi Melody! The pattern is from a magazine called Sabrina issue 40. It's an German publication but is published here in Spain in Spanish and I think in other countries too :)

  13. Beautiful ! All of them !
    And welcome back !
    Have a nice weekend !

  14. Hello! Nice to see your back :) Your shawls are looking beautiful as always. I love the red shawl the most, its a beautiful colour :)

  15. Yay you're back!! I have missed you lovely and it is so lovely to see your pretty shawl's, my goodness you can make a good shawl!! The first is my fave!! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  16. love the shawl and the pullover looks gorgeous!

  17. Gorgeous - I know my lys carries this yarn - I will be checking it out today. I am actually making MOST of my gifts this year...I just need to find more hours in the day!

  18. Every shawl you make is pretty I think and I love your choice of yarns:)


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