Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have finished my first Christmas gift for this year:
It's the same pattern as the pink shawl I posted on Thursday.
I have made this one for my aunt and the yarn is Rowan Kid Classic.
I've made it quite big so she can wear it however she wants.
I love making triangle shawls from the bottom up so that the pattern stripes across the shawl. What kind of shawl patterns do you like best?
This week my post lady brought me a package:
Yarn to my front door :)
I bought this from Black Sheep Wools. They are a great online retailer, I love the selection of yarns they have to offer. The do free postage from time to time and I love to take advantage of that offer!
Where do you  buy your yarns from?
Have a lovely day!


  1. The shawl is beautiful! I'm sure your aunt will love it!

  2. Hi Elisabeth!
    This is absolutely divine!!!
    Your Aunt will be so thrilled :)))
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit with me,

  3. Such a beautiful shawl. I'm sure your aunt will love it. I like to buy from Paradise Fibers. They also offer free shipping quite often.

  4. Hi Elizabeth.
    Thanks for your visit. I follow you.
    Your work is beautiful. I congratulate you.
    Happy week.
    Kisses beautiful.

  5. Beautiful shawl,nice color!!!

  6. Elisabeth, the shawl is so beautiful. It is going to be a treasured gift. Love all your new yarn.

  7. It's a beautiful shawl Elisabeth, your Aunt will love it. Well done for having a Xmas present finished! The colour is so soft and pretty.
    Your new yarns are also lovely colours, what do you have in mind to make?
    Thanks for becoming my latest follower, so pleased to find your blog!
    Gill xx

  8. Lovely shawl in such a beautiful colour. I'm lucky enough to live close enough to Black Sheep Wools to visit their shop! X

  9. I love all of your shawls and I also love Black sheep wools a great online company. x

  10. Another beautiful shawl Elisabeth, and in such a glorious colour too - your Aunt will be so proud to wear it, I'm sure!
    Your new yarn is gorgeous too - isn't it exciting when a parcel of such delight comes knocking at your door! I must check on whether or not Black Sheep Wools deliver to Australia, their wools always look so very good, thank you!
    Hugs, Joy x

  11. Hi, Elizabeth - have had my Mom in town, and no time to blog, or read...back in the swing of things now. The scarf is gorgeous (but I would expect nothing less from you)...I love the bottom up triangles, too! Happy Halloween - off to read some more. Tanya

  12. Beautiful !!! Someone is gonna to be very happy....
    Beautiful yarns...
    Have a nice day !

  13. Wow beurtiful design!! I love all your creations so you have a new follower. I invite you tu visit my blog.
    Best regards from Canary Island!!

  14. The shawl is gorgeous and am sure it will be well received.
    Patricia x

  15. Thank you for the comment Elizabeth, uh I'm loving your blog and your yarn :)

  16. Love your shawl ¡
    I buy my yarns locally for the time being. . .

  17. Hello:
    Thank You very much for having stopped at my blog.I also do with pleasure,because,as I can see,You make the wonderful things and present them here.
    The shawl is wonderful-fantastic crochet pattern and the color in the Autumn mood.
    I can say-I have never tried to make such things,but I have made the other kind of crocheting,which I'll be trying to show in my blog in the days to come.
    I do hope I'll learn more from Your Pretty Wool-Work.
    Warm Greetings from Sweden

  18. Great shawl good for you for getting Christmas gifts done ! I love the colors of your new yarns. ... When I shop I try to stay local .. But for online I use jimmy bean wool .

  19. Just beautiful. I like Black Sheep wools too.

  20. Hi, just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. Your shawl is beautiful. Hope to see you again. xx

  21. Beautiful shawl!

    I wanted to invite you to the {Handmade Café} Link Party. I hope you'll join us and link up. You will meet many talented international crafters/bloggers!

    Oksana @ Oksana Plus Hobbies

  22. Oh wow!! That is lovely! I have 2 presents done so far, but they are of the paper variety since I am a scrapbooker not a knitter/crocheter Love the heart closure, really makes this piece wonderful!!! Great job!!

  23. it's beautiful! She's going to love it.

  24. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. And wow, your orange shawl is amazing!
    It is so pretty, I love it!
    Many greetings from Germany

  25. Hi Elisabeth, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I think this is a beautiful gift. Both the colour and pattern are wonderful. x

  26. It's beautiful and such a lovely colour too. I haven't made any gifts yet this year as I've been busy making stuff to sell to raise money for our community library.

  27. This shawl is also very beautiful and so elegant!


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