Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas: coffee, cookies and angels

Christmas really is getting close now.
Are you enjoying this time of year? Everywhere is looking beautiful right now with pretty decorations.
We decorated our home at the weekend and I have made a little crochet decoration:
A cute little angel!
This is from a Drops pattern. As with all Drops patterns, it is really easy to follow and the outcome is exactly as I had hoped :)
I used craft cotton and a 4mm hook for this project.
Remember the christmas cookies I wrote about last week?
Well, they were so delicious I went back for some more!
They are so beautifully decorated. Next week I am going to make a birthday cake and I'm thinking of making a plain sponge cake and trying some really special decoration with colours and edible decorations :)
Another typical Christmas treat I like to enjoy at this time of year is a Starbucks Christmas coffee.
They are really sweet and a little bit sickly but I love to have one while walking around Madrid admiring the decorations.
I had an orange moccha coffee. I love the christmas cups. Can you see my name on mine? :) 
Look how pretty the advertising board is:
And here is the centre square in Madrid all ready for christmas :
I LOVE this time of year!
Are you nearly ready for Christmas?


  1. I'm not a fan of Xmas at all! I know I'm a real Xmas pooper! I love your angel though and the sound of that orange mocha coffee. Ooh that where you live? How marvellous! xx

  2. Oh I love your little crocheted angel! I adore Christmas too.
    Marianne x

  3. i love that angel so simplistic but stylish. Yep! all going well here too. Jo x

  4. Beautiful decorations!!
    Cakes <33!!!

  5. Your crocheted angel is gorgeous. We decorated our house and tree this weekend and I just love listening to the Michael Buble Christmas CD while doing it. Your coffee sounds delicious xx

  6. Lovely little angel !
    Nice pictures !

  7. Your little angel is gorgeous! She will make a wonderful decoration. The tree and ball in Madrid are amazing, very unusual compared to anything in England. xx

  8. Your little Christmas angel is gorgeous Elisabeth and everything around you is looking so excitingly Christmassy - enjoy every minute of it - I would too if I were there! Hugs, Joy x

  9. Cute angel! I'm almost ready. The gift-shopping is done. I will be baking cookies this weekend and I'm still planning the dinner menu and I still need to wrap maybe I'm not really almost ready. :)

  10. Such a sweet little angel, and love your Madrid pics. Not quite ready here, frantically ticking lists, but looking forward to it!
    Have a lovely week, enjoy all the festivities xx

  11. How cute is you little angel !!
    I also do love this time of the year and Madrid looks just gorgeous !!

  12. Hello lovely Elisabeth, it sure looks very festive over there. I love Madrid and the Plaza Mayor (I take that's where the photo was taken??). It is such a beautiful city. You have made such a gorgeous angel and your festive biscuits are decorated beautifully, well done. I am really looking forward to seeing your birthday cake too. I received my lovely parcel yesterday, thank you so much it was so lovely to open all the beautiful gifts. I love the brooch and can't wait to wear it and the earings are gorgeous, you clever girl. Thanks for the little extras, will be making myself a cuppa of that lovely looking ginger and lemon and I am not so sure I can eat the biscuits as I can't read the ingredients, but I have to happy helpers who will eat it in a flash. Thank you also for your lovely card and your very special message. I will blog about it later this week. Sending much love. xoxo

  13. Love the little angel...I think the crocheters might be a little more prolific with their Christmas decorations than us knitters. It's adorable! And, my friend and I walked around and looked at Christmas decorations here in Vegas last week - we even stopped into Starbucks first, too! XOXO

  14. It sounds like yo are having a beautiful and yummy time. Hugs to you,

  15. Looks like you are really enjoying the season!! Love the Angels too.

  16. Your crochet angel is very cute! I looked at some of the Drops patterns on their advent calendar. Nothing there that I think I could squeeze onto my "makes" list this year though. I love Christmas time, but always overdo last minute projects and give myself huge migraines trying to get them done on time :P Enjoy your yummy coffees & your own preparations for Christmas Day! Wendy x

  17. Qué angelito tan bonito, es una monada.

  18. Lovely Christmas crochet work:) and your photo of the centre square in Madrid is impressive!


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