Friday, March 7, 2014

A gift

Today I want to show you a beautiful gift sent to me from my amazing blog friend Tanya:

Thank you so much Tanya! I love it!
This is a true gift she has sent me. I didn't win a giveaway or anything, she just wanted to send me something. How adorable is she?! :)
It's a handmade necklace made with two photos:

It has some silk and a piece of Arizona turquoise attached to it.
I love handmade things, I love the uniqueness and how the maker is reflected in the piece and even more so when it's been made by someone I know.
Tanya does the most amazing work. She makes beautiful jewelry, sews, knits, pretty much does all kinds of beautiful, crafty things.
Please go visit her and say hi, you'll love her work as much I do!
Her blog is Bead and Needle and she has an Etsy shop too.
I've been feeling a bit under the weather these last few days and I haven't done a lot of crafting, but I have made another mini doily:

I saw this Daisy doily made by Olga over at Lacy Crochet and liked it straight away.
I used size 10 thread and a 1.75mm hook.
I wanted it to be a coaster. It turned out a little bigger than I had imagined but I'm still going to use it as a coaster.

It's the perfect companion to my kitty mug with my natural honey and lemon cold remedy :)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. The mini doily looks so pretty, I love this colour :)
    The gift is wonderful., congratulations :)
    Have a happy weekend!
    best wishes

  2. Such a wonderful gift, hope you are feeling better.

  3. How exciting recieving a cool gift like that through the post.What a kind friend, will def check out her blog.I love everything about your new doily you are so good at making them x

  4. The neckless is unique...As for the doily it Is so cute

  5. What a lovely gift, hope you are feeling better soon, your doily has turned out so pretty and is a perfect coaster for your cup. :)

  6. What a lovely gift to have received, what a kind person you friend is! Your doily is lovely and it is surely better for it to be bigger than your cup than smaller as then you can still see it peeking out round the edges! xx

  7. Enhorabuena por el regalo, es muy bonito.
    Y el mantelito es una monada.

  8. What a precious gift from a dear friend; such a sweet gesture. And the necklace is very beautiful and unique.
    I'm so glad you were inspired to make this mini doily after seeing it on my blog. The color is very pretty and it looks lovely with your kitty mug.
    Have a nice and relaxed weekend!

  9. Bonito regalo y si es de una amiga mucho mejor.
    tambien el posa tasa..........el color es muy fino.

  10. Lovely gift, lovely doily and...lovely cup !
    Happy Woman's Day !!!!

  11. The necklace is very pretty and such a thoughtful gift. Your doily is beautiful! I hope you feel better soon.

  12. That is the best kind of coaster, you don't have to do any balancing on the edge stuff. It is lovely and that gift - lucky you. Nice people get nice things you know. Jo x

  13. What a beautiful gift to receive ... it's so pretty and original. The doily looks great a little bigger because then you can still admire it when it's under the mug :) Hope you're feeling better by now. Wendy x

  14. Sorry you caught a cold, those things are not much fun! But the doiley is really cool!! I love it!! I am a lucky person as I get to spend a lot of time with Tanya, and I have received her many a gift from her, she has a huge heart! Your necklace is gorgeous!!!

  15. Hello lovely, loving your pretty doily and it seems that we were both lucky with winning one of Tanya's pretty creations. I just still need to get around to blogging about it! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  16. I love the doily and I think its the perfect size. This way you can still see it :) Hope you start feeling better and what a great little surprise to recieve such unique gift from a friend.

    Have a good weekend and feel better


  17. What a very pretty coaster.
    Love from Mum

  18. I love your coaster! I'm just beginning my love affair with crochet and I haven't tried making a doily yet.
    Tracey xx

  19. Pretty necklace and what a beautiful, cute doily! ♥ Wonderful in this color. I'm also in doily mood at present and I must try this one, too :-). Thanks for sharing, Elisabeth! Have a nice day :-)


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