Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Baby shawl and bracelets

Earlier this year a friend of my mom's asked if I could make a baby shawl for her granddaughter.
She said she wanted it to be circular and made with white yarn. They were the only requirements!
So I looked through some old baby patterns I've got stored away, chose one and got  started.
This week I finished it:

The baby is due the middle of July so I left if a little late but this shawl is going to be mailed today so it should make it in plenty of time :)
It measures 43 inches across and I used around 150g of 3ply baby yarn to make it.
Another project I did this week was a bracelet. I got this on my last trip to England:
I looked online for a bracelet tutorial and found this one:
The girl explains everything is such an easy way and the finished bracelet is so I got started:

Here's my version:

It brought back so many memories of making these kind of bracelets when I was a kid! I'm planning on making bunch of them in different colours to wear this summer.
Have a wonderful day everyone!



  1. It's funny how these homemade bracelets can be more eye-catching than expensive jewellery. Your shawl will be treasured for years!

  2. Really like this circular shawl its very pretty and im sure they will love it ♡

  3. The circular shawl is delightful, a definite family heirloom, stunning.

  4. I just love that shawl, so delicate and pretty it will be treasured. I like the bracelets they are all the thing amongst the young one's here now. I have been making very simple necklaces too, I must try the bracelets they will be lovely and light to wear in the summer. :)

  5. The shawl is beautiful, and will become a well loved heirloom I am sure! xx

  6. Oh wow, that little shawl is just simply gorgeous and I'm sure it will be much treasured for many years. And I love your bracelet too - yes that does invoke a few lovely childhood memories :-)

  7. The shawl is so beautiful and delicate.

  8. What a delightful shawl, so delicate, I'm sure they will be delighted. Love the bracelet too.
    S xx

  9. que delicadeza de manta bellisima!!! me encanta la pulsera la cual también usaría como tobillera, falta tanto por este lado para llegue el verano que mientras tanto sigo disfrutando de tus colores!


  10. Your beautiful baby shawl is a work of art Elisabeth - congratulations on a wonderful piece which I'm sure will be treasured for many many years! (I still have my first son's shawl that my Mum knit from way back then!) I love that little cuddly puppy dog too!
    The bracelet is great and I love the colours you've chosen - thanks so much for the video clip - I would like to give this a go sometime soon!
    I hope your week is going really well and you're managing to find some sewing time now the shawl's all done and off your hands, xoJoy

  11. Beautiful shawl!!
    Bracelet <3!

  12. Hello Elizabeth.
    You baby's shawl is incredibly fine and exquisite. I feel certain it will be kept long after baby has grown up and passed on! really beautiful!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  13. Un chal precioso.
    Es un trabajo admirable, me encanta.
    Y la pulsera es una monada.

  14. The baby shawl is beautiful !!!!!! And your bracelet too !!!!
    Have a fun doing more !

  15. The baby shawl is incredible, an heirloom.

  16. Fantastic shawl ♥ and the bracelet is pretty, too, great job!
    Happy weekend!! xxx Nata

  17. What a lovely family heirloom your shawl will make, it is so pretty. x

  18. The shawl looks very beautiful. The bracelet looks very nice. The color attracts me!

  19. Hi,

    Beautiful baby shawl, I love the bracelets, I will do one soon.


  20. Oh I use to love those bracelets, going to go dig up my thread and make one for my friend Tanya! so fun!!

  21. What a beautiful keepsake you created for that little girl! I do hope they send you a photo of her with it. And don't tell Jackie I saw this post (I remember those bracelets well)...I'll just act surprised when she gives me my new bracelet! Happy Saturday, Elisabeth!


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