Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yarn over...

...it's like a makeover but with yarn :)
I bought myself something yesterday. My favourite kind of shop is any that sells yarn (or fabric) and my second favourite shop is Bijou Brigitte. They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets and all kinds of pretty things.
I came back with something that I've been looking to buy for a while, a jewelry holder. It was half price too!
It is made of metal and painted white. It looked pretty enough but I though a little bit of yarn could make it even better.
So out came my yarn and hooks.

I started to crochet around the frame,
And I made some flowers

And this is the end result:

What you do think of my yarn over? I think it's going to be a perfect addition to my home :) 
Have a wonderful day everyone, be happy, be creative and love the people around you

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pretty little things

It's been really hot in Madrid recently. REALLY hot. 40ºC or 103ºF. So hot, even the flowers close up and shy away from the sun and heat:

These flowers are so pretty normally. I keep trying to get a photo of them to show how pretty they are. Half of the flowers are a deep purple and the other half are a mix of yellow and red flowers. I'll share a photo with you all when I can :)
When it gets this hot, our diet switches to salads and cold dishes:

I have been making cakes though...but I've not been baking...

I've been busy making yarn cakes! These are the best kind of cakes that exist :)
When they are wound you can really appreciate the different colors in a skein of yarn.
I think that yarn often looks even prettier when wound like this.
Carrying on with yarn news, I had a delivery arrive today:
I've been waiting every morning this week in case it arrived. It's like being a kid on Christmas morning again when I wait for a yarn delivery. Do you feel the same when you're waiting for a crafting package to arrive? Some women get like that over shoes and things, but for me it's only with yarn :)
Aren't these summery tones:

I've got something special planned for this yarn but I need to finish off some wips first. I'm trying very hard to have a maximum of 5 wips at any one time at the moment.
In this order were 4 skeins of Caron Simply Soft:

Oh yes! Caron know how to make big balls :)

My birthday is in April. I can't believe three months have flown by since I got given this beautiful gift by my husband:

I've tried to get a really sharp photo but I hope this is enough for you to see what it is.
It's a crochet hook charm necklace!
I love this necklace. I love wearing a hook - it's nearly as much fun as holding one :) It's so nice to have a piece of jewelry that feels unique to me. I've had people ask about it and when I tell them it's a great conversation starter.
Do you like to wear jewelry? Do you have any craft related pieces? Do you make your own jewelry?
I've joined twitter this week too. You can find me there: @ElizyArtCrochet 
I sent my first ever tweet this morning. If you have a twitter account, let me know your name and I'll drop by and say hi :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A doily and some crafty things

My latest project is a tulip doily:
I hadn't made a doily in a while and really wanted to make another one, they are addictive! I made it with some left over 4 ply / sock yarn.
I don't know where I'm going to put this one, so in the mean time it's sitting on one of my yarn baskets:
Do you remember my yarn basket project?
This doily is a really pretty pattern. It is simple but the effect is so lovely:
The pattern can downloaded free from the Coats website. It's the German version of the website and the pattern is in German but it's charted so is universal if you can read symbols. That's one of the reasons why I love charted crochet so much, it's totally international!  
Now here are a couple of shots of things I bought in Munich

I saw this button while I was at the register paying for some yarn. There was a Little plate of buttons and I have a thing for buttons so I had a closer look and saw what was written on it. Isn't it cute? I'm saving it for a special project and I'll sew it on.
I also bought this:
A knooking needle.

It's like a huge sewing needle with a crochet hook head. I've been wanting to try knooking for a while now, so when I saw this wooden hook/needle I bought it straight away! Have you ever tried knooking?


And finally here is one of my current wips:

I took it with me on our trip thinking I'd finish it sitting out on the balcony after a day of sightseeing.
You can see how far I progressed, I only crocheted on one afternoon the whole week we were in Germany!
It's going to be a summer top. The yarn is 100% cotton and I'm really looking forward to finishing it and wearing it now it's really hot here in Madrid.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dusky Fringe Shawl

I'm very excited to share with you today my Dusky Fringe Shawl!
I am really proud of this shawl and pattern.
It is published right now in Crochet! Magazine.
The pattern is in the current Autumn 2014 edition of Crochet! Magazine which is in stores now!
You can also get a digital subscription (and instant access!) to the magazine on the website http://www.crochetmagazine.com/

Here is the shawl on my mannequin just waiting for the cool autumn weather to arrive so I can wear it!
Before I go I want to wish a very Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! I hope you have a great day celebrating and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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