Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yarn over...

...it's like a makeover but with yarn :)
I bought myself something yesterday. My favourite kind of shop is any that sells yarn (or fabric) and my second favourite shop is Bijou Brigitte. They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets and all kinds of pretty things.
I came back with something that I've been looking to buy for a while, a jewelry holder. It was half price too!
It is made of metal and painted white. It looked pretty enough but I though a little bit of yarn could make it even better.
So out came my yarn and hooks.

I started to crochet around the frame,
And I made some flowers

And this is the end result:

What you do think of my yarn over? I think it's going to be a perfect addition to my home :) 
Have a wonderful day everyone, be happy, be creative and love the people around you


  1. I love your yarn over, so cute with your crochet flowers. And I love that song too, whenever it is on the radio I just have to turn it up and sing badly out of key!

  2. Your yarn over was a real delight, I loved it. I totally agree with you, we do indeed need to give thanks for what we have, as the song goes the best things in life are free.

  3. I happened to be posting about this on Sunday. It is indeed important to take time and smell the roses. xx

  4. Great idea,beautiful!!!

  5. What a great idea your jewellery holder looks lovely. I agree with you entirely, life is too short to stress about things that are not important. :)

  6. Lovely idea for the jewelery holder. Boy that was some experience, seems those people were so out of control, there is a way to protest and a way not to. Defacing property is not okay, harming people is not okay.
    Hugs to you,

  7. You've done a lovely job on your jewellery holder Elisabeth - great idea and it looks so pretty.
    I agree with Meredith - there are better ways to protest than such as you unwittingly experienced, and to then have such a strong contrast with the words from the man on the next table …. well …. quite an 'in your face' encounter that would be difficult to avoid, given the circumstances. I often marvel at how incidents can really bring things home to us and make us sit up and take notice. You brought the tears this morning, thank you for sharing:) I hope your week is wonderful lovely! xoJoy

  8. Love you jewellery holder !
    Wow ! I have never seen a scene like that but I guess those people were acting in anger and desperation, as you know banks and politicians and others have robbed so much from people in Spain. . .but true, violence is never the way to solve things !

    I could not agree more with you about priorities. About 3 months ago I heard the story of a woman who has lost her 3 yr old boy (in IG is @babyboybakery) and that story made me stop and re-think my priorities. Whenever people talk about lottery winning I always say, so far I've won the best lottery in the world: myself and my family are healthy so far, that is the best lottery ever for me !!
    And yes, small things in life are those that make us most happy and are FREE, totally agree !!

  9. Your idea of yarn over is great Elisabeth..The jewellery holder looks gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the lovely post, in a fast paced life we really tend to forget that the best things in life are always free..

    God bless


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