Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yarn makes things prettier.... really really does! Don't you agree?
 I like to make lists. I write to do lists for all kinds of things – my crochet, jobs around the house, shopping lists. I forget things otherwise.
I tend to write these lists down on post it notes and stick them to my desk but I saw a little cork pin board in the supermarket and thought it would be neater than my post its.
It wasn’t all that pretty looking so I got out my left over cotton yarn stash and starting thinking what I could do to make it more ‘me’.
I wanted to cover up the frame so I started doing foundation double crochet (treble in UK terms). The wonderful thing about doing foundation crochet stitches is that I find  them neater than regular chain stitches then a row of stitches into the chains and another great thing is that you can see straight away how big your piece is going to be.
Have you ever tried foundation crochet stitches? I totally recommend you try if you haven’t!
You can use them in any pattern that starts with a row of continuous single, half double, double, treble etc crochet, just substitute the first row of instructions. For example, if the pattern says Ch 21, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, all you need to do is 20 foundation single crochets.
Anyway, back to my pin board!
When I’d done enough foundation double crochets to cover one edge of the frame, I did 4 double crochets in the same stitch to create a corner. I carried on this way until the strip covered the whole frame.
I changed yarn colour and did some reverse single crochet all the way around. I LOVE this stitch! It’s so easy but so intricate looking.
I got out my eco-friendly glue and stuck the crochet to the board. Cuter, but something was still missing.
I made some yarn flowers – yarn flowers are guaranteed to make anything look prettier!
Here is my new pin board:
Can you see my first to do list ? :)
What is on your to do list today?
Have a creative and happy day!


  1. Bueno así lo has personalizado esta bien yo también tengo uno pero no le he hecho nada a lo mejor me animo....
    Gracias por compartirlo.

  2. Bellissimo lavoro. Veramente da copiare.
    Anche io amo fare le liste e ho foglietti ovunque!!

  3. Crochet made it MUCH cuter.

    I have a busy chore list today ---- personal trainer, a/c filter change and do the grocery shopping. Oh yeah --- AND litter box duty, but that's EVERY day. LOL

  4. Thats what I call a pretty notice board x

  5. Love all your recent yarn bombing and up cycling, you are so creative and I must say it does look fabulous! Well done you creative goddess xoxo

  6. What a lovely idea!!!! Your notice board is sooooo cute now!!!!

  7. That's a wonderful transformation you've brought about there, Elisabeth, well done! xoJoy

  8. Oh yes, I've tried it. Last winter during my crocheting season! I probably need a refresher course...but will be picking it up again soon. I never thought of knowing right off how big your piece will be...that is a good thing.
    Now as to this little bulletin board... so cute!
    You've given me an idea!
    thanks for posting!

  9. Great idea and thanks for sharing the tuto ! Have a nice day !

  10. A great way to pretty up your pinboard and a great first to do item as well I would say!!! xx

  11. This is an absolutely gorgeous idea! I love how it has turned out. You talented girl you!
    Rosie xx

  12. Beautiful idea! It looks much better now...

    God bless,

  13. I saw this on Instagram and it is so cute!

  14. Oh wow, you really made that board look awesome! I am a list maker too, I have 2 big bulletin boards in my craft room, I will have to try this cover up!!

  15. Very pretty Elizabeth!
    I love making lists as well...there is such a sense of satisfaction checking things to do
    Have a great week!
    All my heart,
    Deborah :)


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