Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn crafts and colours

I love this season. I think Autumn is the most beautiful time of year.
I decided to make a wreath to decorate our home and celebrate this season:

I bought the white wreath in a decoration shop and added some wooden leaves and two crocheted sunflowers. I tied them all onto the wreath with coloured twine so that I can undo them and use the same white piece for a Christmas wreath....then a Spring wreath....and then a summer one too!
Do you decorate your home with wreaths? Have you ever made one?
I added a crochet pumpkin to the decoration too:

This pattern is by the creative Kara from Petals to Picots and you can find it on her blog.
I had a yarn delivery arrive this week and here is some of it:

It fits in with my Autumn theme perfectly!
This is the first time I've tried Stylecraft yarn. I've read such wonderful reviews that I had to give it a go. I am so glad I did! The colours are amazing and it's a really nice yarn to work with.
I've finished my first project with this yarn:

All I need to do now is weave in all those ends....
How is Autumn / Spring looking where you are?

Here, the amazing Autumn colours are starting to appear in all the trees and plants.

Have a creative week everyone!


  1. Beautiful wreath, I am a great fan of wreaths and decorate to suit the season or occasion.

  2. I love your wreath, it's something I've never tried yet but will one day, I'm always meaning to make a Christmas one, but really it would be nice to one for each season and change it. Love the autumnal colours of your wool, can't wait to see what you have been doing with it, good luck with all those ends. :)

  3. I agree Autumn is the more beautiful season of the year ! Your yarn and your wreath are gorgeous !! have a creative week !

  4. Love your wreath, it's such a good idea to have a base which you can attach new things to it from season to season. It's also great because you can create a different one each year.
    Looking forward to seeing your Stylecraft project. I haven't worked with it yet but it's at the top of my list when I eventually get around to crocheting a blanket.
    Here's the link to my Autumn wreath, (you can also see my Spring and Summer versions if you click on the labels section on the left hand side of my blog page)
    and Autumn bunting
    Happy Autumn crafting!

  5. Your wreath looks lovely and I love the pumpkin. I don't make a wreath but I do collect Autumny bits - dried leaves, conkers etc and put them in a bowl in my hallway and add a few sticks of cinnamon for the aroma. P x

  6. I used to make grape vine wreaths all the time. Grape vines are very easy to cut out of the swamp here. But now I have all glass front doors and wreaths don't look right.

    Your wreath is totally adorable. I love the little crochet pumpkin.

  7. Adorable wreath,cute little pumpkin!!

  8. What a great idea to reuse the same wreath for each season. It's so cute too! Autumn is well and truly here in the northwest US. Most of the leaves have already fallen and we've had several frosts.

  9. Love all your autumnal pics and I'm a big fan of wreaths too - have one permanently on our front door, and also like to change it up for the seasons.

  10. Your wreath is really cute with the little pumkin !!!
    And the colors of your new yarn perfect for the Fall !
    Have a shinny day !

  11. What a versatile wreath. You have done a great job with it! I love Stylekraft too and I love those Autumn colors you chose. Is one of them called "Gold" or "Spice"...a couple of my favorites.

  12. Lovely autumn colours on the wreath and the pumpkin is so cute!

  13. Your wreath is very pretty. I used those colours of stylecraft for my autumn mandalas this year, the exact same ones. I hope that you enjoyed using them and will enjoy the results too as I know that I did. xx

  14. Your wreath is really lovely. Not overly covered in decorations so the nice white part can still be seen. It's good you can re-use the wreath for other seasons. I only have one wreath that was made by a friend using willow she grew. It is small and I don't decorate it (apart from the beautiful ribbon my friend added). I often think I should make a wreath for each season but so far haven't got round to it. I'm using the Stylecraft yarn in autumn colours to make a few other types of autumn decorations.

  15. Lovely post! The wreath is lovely, the colours are perfectly autumnal :)


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