Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring time, Simply Crochet shawl and an interview

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share my latest shawl with you :)
My pattern for this shawl is called Ruby Red Shawl and it is out now in Simply Crochet number 29. It’s a lacy shawl and the yarn is 100% silk. It’s really light and airy – perfect for the arrival of spring!
Here is is on the model:
Spring is only a few days away. It’s been feeling very spring like here in Madrid recently. I love this time of year, when flowers start to bloom and the days get longer. The arrival of a mild, sunny day is the perfect excuse to go outside and enjoy nature. Here there are Almond and Cherry blossoms everywhere and I can’t help but take photos...and then be inspired by these photos to crochet
It’s supposed to get a lot cooler this weekend, so I’ll be wrapping up in this:


It’s the same pattern as the red shawl above, but made with a thicker yarn and a larger hook!
If you get the chance to grab a copy of Simply Crochet, have a look at page 54. I’ve got an interview in this issue talking all about my love of crochet and crochet shawls :)
 I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to spring and are crocheting lots!


  1. Your shawls are beautiful and perfect for cooler evenings, a real delight you are so talented.

  2. Oh my goodness this is so exciting. The shawls are so beautiful!!!! Congrats to you my friend,

  3. This design is beautiful Elizabeth. I love the colour and the little rosette and that you have the warmer shawls too. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Congratulations for having your pattern published and for your interview, my friend will be bringing her copy of Simply Crochet for me to see so so I will enjoy reading it. The shawl is amazing you have so much talent it looks good in both yarns. :) x

  5. Your shawls are simply beautiful !!! Congrats for the publishing ! Have a lovely sunday !

  6. Congratulations. I love making shawls and always want to start another one when I see one of yours. Jo x

  7. Wow, the shawl is gorgeous! I had seen it in IG but here the pictures are bigger. I'm amazed at how many shawls you can design ! You should do a book of shawls! They are all lovely, and I really want to make one of them, or two! Love and hugs, Eva

  8. Dear Elizabeth,

    The shawl looks stunning in the different yarns! Looking forward to reading your article when I go to England in April! :) I'm always inspired by your work!
    Here it is almost freezing! Glad you got spring already!
    Ingrid xx

  9. Wonderful shawls, Eliza!!! They are always so useful I love them!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

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