Thursday, June 4, 2015

Silk, Sophie and the Shawl Swap

Today I’d like to share some photos of a silk doily a made a few weeks back.
Shawls and doilies are two of my favourite things to crochet and it had been a while since I made a doily so I used some left over 4ply Colourmart silk I had in my stash to make this:
The pattern is from a vintage magazine and I have the feeling I'll be making another one following the same pattern in the near future!
Do you like to make crochet doilies? Where do you keep them and what do you use them for?
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I am taking part in the Sophie’s Universe CAL.

The Sophie pattern is such a beauty and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to try out some new crochet stitches. You can find out more at

Now for a little reminder about the shawl swap I’m organising :)

There are 23 people officially signed up so far for the Summer Shawl Swap 2015 so far. If you’re interested, please look at this post :) Everyone is welcome to take part!
Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Shawl Swap 2015

Hello everyone!
I am organising a shawl swap for all of us shawl addicts to join in and make a shawl for a partner and receive one in return!

The only 'rule' is that the shawl must be made using approximately 100g of 4 ply/sock yarn. It can be crochet or knit, any colour, any fibre!

Sign up until Monday June 15th, partners will be announced on Wednesday June 17th and the last post date to send the shawl to your partner will be Wednesday July 15th.


Who wants to join in? The more the merrier! I'll be posting photos and more details here on the blog and also on my instagram: elizyart_crochet


Email me at and I'll send you a questionnaire to find out your preferences to match you to your shawl swap partner!


Please tell all you crochet/knit shawl addict friends :)
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