Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Shawl Swap 2015

Hello everyone!
I am organising a shawl swap for all of us shawl addicts to join in and make a shawl for a partner and receive one in return!

The only 'rule' is that the shawl must be made using approximately 100g of 4 ply/sock yarn. It can be crochet or knit, any colour, any fibre!

Sign up until Monday June 15th, partners will be announced on Wednesday June 17th and the last post date to send the shawl to your partner will be Wednesday July 15th.


Who wants to join in? The more the merrier! I'll be posting photos and more details here on the blog and also on my instagram: elizyart_crochet


Email me at elizy.art@gmail.com and I'll send you a questionnaire to find out your preferences to match you to your shawl swap partner!


Please tell all you crochet/knit shawl addict friends :)


  1. I'm in, a swap will force me to finish a shawl, instead of just starting them!

  2. I wish that I could take part, but I don't think that I would be finished in time. I hope though that lots of lovely people sign up as I am sure that you will all have fun making and swapping shawls!! xx

  3. I would join in but that deadline is a bit sharp for me. I hope you get lots of people. Jo x

  4. That sounds like lots of fun, but I'm in the midst of two KALs that I'm falling behind on and will be off on holiday soon, so just not the right time for me. But I look forward to seeing all the beautiful swapped shawls :-) Enjoy! xx


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