Monday, July 20, 2015

Autumn Shawl Swap 2015

Today I’m happy to share with you my plans for another shawl swap!

Following on from the wonderful #summershawlswap2015, I am organising the #autumnshawlswap2015.
Everything will be the same as in the Summer Shawl Swap.
All of us shawl addicts will make one shawl for a partner and receive one from another in return. The one rule is that the shawl must be made with approximately 100 – 150g of 4ply/sock yarn.
It can be crochet or knit, any pattern, any colour and any fibre!
Sign up is now open and will be open until Friday 7 August, partners will be announced by the 14th of August at the latest and the last posting date will be Friday 16 October. That gives us a full 9 weeks to make our shawls!
Please tell all of your crochet and knit friends about our swap. The summer shawl swap was such a nice way for us all to meet and make new crafting friends!
In the summer swap we had 26 participants from 5 different countries and for this swap there are already over 40 confirmed participants from 7 different countries! Will you join us?
Feel free to share the details on all of your social media: facebook, twitter, blogs.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lots of shawls and a catherine wheel

This last month, I have organised a summer shawl swap on Instagram and here on the blog. Today is the last day for posting the shawls so hopefully by next week, everyone should have their new shawl with them
 This is the first swap I’ve ever organized and it has been a real joy to do. It was so exciting to see so many people interested in the idea and in the end there were 26 participants from 5 different countries.
All of us are shawl addicts :)
On Instagram we have been using the hashtag #summershawlswap2015 to see all of the shawls progress and because it was a totally anonymous swap (you sent to one person and received from another) everyone could post photos of their progress. I’ve already had a few emails asking if I will be hosting another swap from people who would like to take part next time, so keep your eyes open later on in the year because I feel a winter shawl swap in the near future!
Today I’ll share with you the shawl I made for my swap partner Lisa
 I made the pattern Blue Lagoon by Lily Go in a 50% silk, 50% merino sock yarn.
When the rest of the shawls reach their owners I’ll share more photos of them :)
If you are a fan of the Catherine Wheel stitch, check out Simply Crochet this month.
I’ve designed a stitch section for them using the stitch and I’ve made three easy to make projects:
a coffee cup cozy
a notepad cover
and a camera strap cover:

All of them made with the wonderful DK Cotton Classique yarn by Stylecraft:

Enjoy your week everyone! Craft lots and be happy!
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