Monday, July 20, 2015

Autumn Shawl Swap 2015

Today I’m happy to share with you my plans for another shawl swap!

Following on from the wonderful #summershawlswap2015, I am organising the #autumnshawlswap2015.
Everything will be the same as in the Summer Shawl Swap.
All of us shawl addicts will make one shawl for a partner and receive one from another in return. The one rule is that the shawl must be made with approximately 100 – 150g of 4ply/sock yarn.
It can be crochet or knit, any pattern, any colour and any fibre!
Sign up is now open and will be open until Friday 7 August, partners will be announced by the 14th of August at the latest and the last posting date will be Friday 16 October. That gives us a full 9 weeks to make our shawls!
Please tell all of your crochet and knit friends about our swap. The summer shawl swap was such a nice way for us all to meet and make new crafting friends!
In the summer swap we had 26 participants from 5 different countries and for this swap there are already over 40 confirmed participants from 7 different countries! Will you join us?
Feel free to share the details on all of your social media: facebook, twitter, blogs.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I won't be joining in, but I wish you all a lot of fun with the swapping and making! xx

  2. I wish I could join you but just don't feel up to it. I look forward to seeing some beautiful finished shawls though.

  3. I'd love to join in, I have sent you an e-mail, thank you!
    It is so a beautiful idea.
    Love Ariane


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