Friday, July 28, 2017

Snuggly Shawl Yarn Blanket

Hello everyone!
What do you do with your left over scraps of yarn?

I’d been building up a real stash of yarn scraps, particularly 4ply sock weight yarn because that’s what I use most and I decided last year I wanted to start a memory project and start using up all of those little scraps of yarn.

I tried knitting mitered squares but I didn’t enjoy picking up the stitches much and as this was going to be a big project  I decided to frog it and try to find something that I was going to love.
I then started to crochet mitered squares but they are really sturdy and didn’t have the kind of softness I wanted the blanket to have, so I frogged that one too!


Third time was a charm for this project because on my third try I tried a join as you go hexagon motif and my snuggly shawl yarn blanket project was born! :)


So I started crocheting hexagons…


…And more hexagons…


..And more hexagons!


I decided a few months ago that I’d finished the blanket, but this past week I’ve been thinking perhaps I could add to it and make it a little bigger.
What do you think? This is how big it is at the moment:

Do you have any ideas for a scrap yarn project?

Have a wonderful weekend!



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